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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: Coal Chamber - Rivals

Is there revival of nu-metal or something? Slipknot released a new album last year, King 810 is a respectively new band in the genre and now Coal Chamber also has a new album released. Yeah, earlier I sometimes listened nu-metal, but isn't it a little bit outdated? We'll soon find out! Coal Chamber's Rivals was released on May 22 on Napalm Records.

To be honest, earlier I didn't listen to Coal Chamber, not because I didn't like it, but simply because I listened to a lot of other bands and you can't listen to everything. Sure, I heard them sometimes, but Rivals is the first whole album from Coal Chamber I listened to. That said, I think Rivals is a great album. Dez Fafara and his very aggressive voice is something that fits perfectly with the bouncing, heavy music Coal Chamber makes. It has a real nu-metal touch like in the 90's, but also have something which lets you know that we aren't there anymore. I think Coal Chamber does a pretty nice job in doing their best to bring nu-metal back.

So, is nu-metal outdated? I don't think so, sure, it is less popular, but I think it will always have some fans who love it. You don't know? Listen to it yourself and maybe you even like it!

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