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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review: Vermörd - Dawn Of The Black Harvest

Black/death, how many bands make their music in this subgenre of metal? A lot, while most of them are not very special, sometimes there is a band in the black/death subgenre that does very well. So does Vermörd. I just posted a stream of the full album (here) and now here is a review about it. It is called Dawn Of The Black Harvest and was released on April 14th on Grimoire Records.

While it is only 20 minutes over an intro with 5 songs, it is one hell of an album. Some would say this is a shitload of noise, but when you listen more precisely you hear that Vermörd can handle their instruments and voice very well. Drums are very solid and you hear that the guitarists have a little bit of a progressive touch at their playing. The vocals are going from a dark, almost clean, but very low voice till very harsh, angry screams, while their sometimes is also a bit of growling in it. It all fits very perfect in the music. With the very good production, Vermörd has done a pretty great job in making Dawn Of The Black Harvest. Surely a band with potential.

Listen to this beast of an album!


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