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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Review: Bestiality - Stuck In Bestial Vision

Bestiality hails from Poland and plays a mix between black metal and thrash metal. In December they released their latest record called Stuck In Bestial Vision.

Put Stuck In Bestial Vision in your cd-player, press the play button, close your eyes and go wild in this rollercoaster of black thrash. From the first moment you hear Bestiality it will go crazy. Fast, heavy, blasting music which is the perfect mix of black and thrash metal combined with screams like they come from the deepest of hell. This music is aggressive, made for played loud and definitely not for everybody. You have to be strong for surviving this record. While it is only 30 minutes over 9 tracks, there's so much music in it, it will blow you away.

You dig black and thrash metal? Go listen to Stuck In Bestial Vision by Bestiality!

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