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Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern/Eternal Spell/Chiral - Sed Auiis

Three black metal bands on one split, each responsible for two tracks. One from Italy, one from Germany and one from Chile. The split is called Sed Auiis and is released by Sixsixsixmusic from UK.

First two songs are from the German band Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern. It is a one-man band and it just started in 2015. Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern plays their black metal in an atmospheric way. It is heavy while dreamy and it still keeps very raw. It also has a lot of variety in the songs, which is a good thing, because it keeps interesting this way. The screams are very harsh and he does sing in his own language, which is, in my opinion, mostly a good thing and surely with this band.

Next two songs are from Eternal Spell from Chile, which is also a one-man band. Eternal Spell plays black metal which is more punk-influenced. The punk influences are something you hear directly. Heavy, mostly simple music, there are two things what makes it more (black) metal: the solo's that sometimes come across and the vocals. It sounds very underground, but it also have a little "classic" touch. Second track 'Forces of Occult' is more black metal than 'Black Mysticism'.

Last but not least are two last songs. They are from Chiral, the one-man black metal band from Italy, who have appeared on DutchMetalManiac a few times in a review/interview, on a review of a compilation and with a review of his split with HaatE. Chiral plays his black metal also in an more atmospheric way, but this time he plays a lot heavier stuff, which is more blasting black metal, where his other material was a lot more progressive and dreamier. I like his earlier material, but this heavier, louder, more blasting stuff is also really good for my ears. Chiral has made another two perfect songs.

While I don't get really enthusiastic about Eternal Spell, I surely am about Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern and Chiral. You don't know Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern and Chiral? Go check them out! Maybe you can also check out Eternal Spell and maybe you'll like them.

Official website Chiral
Facebook Chiral
Facebook Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern
Bandcamp Eternal Spell

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