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Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: Hateful Agony - Forward Into Doom

Fast, loud and heavy, that's what thrash must be and so do German thrashers Hateful Agony. They formed in 1997 and now they released their newest record called Forward Into Doom.

Forward Into Doom contains 10 tracks and 3 bonus tracks, which are all covers. Beginning with a scream trying to do it in the style of Slayer-vocalist Tom Araya, Forward Into Doom unleash. While the scream is not as good as Tom Araya's one, the rest of the album is one hell of a thrash album. Blasting drums, fast guitars with solo's and all played very loud and fast. The vocals fit perfectly into the music. Aggressive, raw and fast, it is a pure thrash metal voice. While it, for some people maybe, be too chaotic it won't get messy. It is chaotic, but when you are a thrash metal fan, you'll love it when you hear this.

So you love thrash metal? Go listen to Forward Into Doom by Hateful Agony!

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