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Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern/Eternal Spell/Chiral - Sed Auiis

Three black metal bands on one split, each responsible for two tracks. One from Italy, one from Germany and one from Chile. The split is called Sed Auiis and is released by Sixsixsixmusic from UK.

First two songs are from the German band Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern. It is a one-man band and it just started in 2015. Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern plays their black metal in an atmospheric way. It is heavy while dreamy and it still keeps very raw. It also has a lot of variety in the songs, which is a good thing, because it keeps interesting this way. The screams are very harsh and he does sing in his own language, which is, in my opinion, mostly a good thing and surely with this band.

Next two songs are from Eternal Spell from Chile, which is also a one-man band. Eternal Spell plays black metal which is more punk-influenced. The punk influences are something you hear directly. Heavy, mostly simple music, there are two things what makes it more (black) metal: the solo's that sometimes come across and the vocals. It sounds very underground, but it also have a little "classic" touch. Second track 'Forces of Occult' is more black metal than 'Black Mysticism'.

Last but not least are two last songs. They are from Chiral, the one-man black metal band from Italy, who have appeared on DutchMetalManiac a few times in a review/interview, on a review of a compilation and with a review of his split with HaatE. Chiral plays his black metal also in an more atmospheric way, but this time he plays a lot heavier stuff, which is more blasting black metal, where his other material was a lot more progressive and dreamier. I like his earlier material, but this heavier, louder, more blasting stuff is also really good for my ears. Chiral has made another two perfect songs.

While I don't get really enthusiastic about Eternal Spell, I surely am about Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern and Chiral. You don't know Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern and Chiral? Go check them out! Maybe you can also check out Eternal Spell and maybe you'll like them.

Official website Chiral
Facebook Chiral
Facebook Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern
Bandcamp Eternal Spell

Review: Hateful Agony - Forward Into Doom

Fast, loud and heavy, that's what thrash must be and so do German thrashers Hateful Agony. They formed in 1997 and now they released their newest record called Forward Into Doom.

Forward Into Doom contains 10 tracks and 3 bonus tracks, which are all covers. Beginning with a scream trying to do it in the style of Slayer-vocalist Tom Araya, Forward Into Doom unleash. While the scream is not as good as Tom Araya's one, the rest of the album is one hell of a thrash album. Blasting drums, fast guitars with solo's and all played very loud and fast. The vocals fit perfectly into the music. Aggressive, raw and fast, it is a pure thrash metal voice. While it, for some people maybe, be too chaotic it won't get messy. It is chaotic, but when you are a thrash metal fan, you'll love it when you hear this.

So you love thrash metal? Go listen to Forward Into Doom by Hateful Agony!

Pulvis Et Umbra - Spreading The Disease tour flyers for May 1 and May 2

May 1:

May 2: premiere prog power Elderoth 'My Future'; album 'Mystic' out april 28th

Track Listing - Elderoth - Mystic:
1. Within (1:01)
2. Black and Blue (4:15)
3. This Shadow By My Side (4:48) - Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Youtube | Bravewords
4. My Future (3:27)
5. Falling Star (4:09)
6. In A Dream (3:36)
7. The Ocean (4:35)
8. Far In The Sea (4:27)
9. Always Remember (3:56)
Album Length: 34:17

Montreal, QC prog power metal band Elderoth has teamed up with to premiere their second single 'My Future' from their forthcoming sophomore release 'Mystic' due out April 28th to follow up their 2012 self-titled debut. Check it out at this location.

Founding member and mastermind behind Elderoth, Collin McGee comments:
"When I wrote My Future. I was actually having a lot of issues going across my mind. Mostly things about moving on from past relationships or friendships. I never quite wrote a song about this kind of subject before but I find it's always interesting to try something new. Especially just as long as I find it's natural and appropriate. The overall sound of this song is a little bit inspired from In The Rain from the first album, except with a few new dynamics to it. Some of the more obvious new dynamics would be the far eastern influences and the added syncopation. Overall, I'm very satisfied with how this song turned out. It's definitely a song that sticks in my mind."

Engineering a unique style of metal music with oriental instruments from East Asia, Elderoth intertwine modern North American and European styles in a must-hear album with each track flowing across to the next to create a dynamic taste for fans. Featuring intense guitar licks, complex keyboard arrangements and powerful rhythms, Elderoth delivers a challenging sound that is catching the attention of metal aficionados, guitarists and professional musicians around the world for its pinnacle of musicianship, composition and technical ingenuity.

The band's 2015 lineup features founding member Collin McGee on guitars and vocals with Xavier Sperdouklis on bass, Vincent Harnois on guitars and Jessy Normand on drums. Mcgee, the man behind the vision of Elderoth is the primary author, composer, lead guitarist, and singer. Through his years of being self-taught, studying music theory and composing endlessly, McGee has mastered composition on guitar and other instruments at a world-class level, along with writing lyrics and developing his vocals to a professional level that stands out in the audio mix both live and in the studio.

Pre-order album

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Moth Gatherer reveal new album teaser

Swedish experimental post-rock/metal mavericks, The Moth Gatherer, have a new album on the way, and today they have released a short teaser of the release. The follow-up to their debut instalment "A Bright Celestial Light" will be entitled "The Earth Is The Sky", and will see its release later this year via Agonia Records.

Watch the teaser here.

Official website

Lecherous Nocturne debuts new video at Metal Injection

Brutal death metal powerhouse Lecherous Nocturne have partnered with Metal Injection to debut the official video for "Creation Continuum." The song comes from 2013 Unique Leader release Behold Almighty Doctrine and can be viewed at this location.

Lecherous Nocturne will enter the studio in June to record their fourth album and first for Willowtip Records. Prepare for complete decimation.

Behold Almighty Doctrine is available through major online retailers and directly from the band here. The Garrett Williams directed video for album track "Ouroboros Chains" can be seen here.

Official website

Seagrave premiere new track at

Today, daring 'n' defiant newcomers Seagrave premiere the new track "Pistanthrophobia" at heavily trafficked web-portal The song hails from Seagrave's debut album, Stabwound, set for international release on April 27th via Art of Propaganda. Although a very new name, formed in 2014, Seagrave is actually the solo-project of Harakiri for the Sky's J.J., whose band released the critically acclaimed Aokigahara last year via Art of Propaganda. Here with Stabwound, J.J. in Seagrave seeks to meld shoegazing black metal, melodic post-hardcore, and D-beat death metal...and does so, with dazzling results. From blistering beginning to mournful end, Stabwound winds its way through a kaleidoscopic, sometimes-caustic array of colors, each song a patiently unfolding epic that uniquely spans a wide swath of sonic territory. Some will point to this sound as being rather nouveau, but J.J.'s roots in black metal stretch back to the mid-2000s with Hoffnungstod and then the subsequent Karg; thus, his integration of black metal tropes into other, seemingly disparate musical bedfellows is both authentic and daring. What results is a record that strives for catharsis, by any musical means necessary - after all, its central lyrical themes are the downsides of life like estrangement, broken relationships, depression, and drug abuse - and explodes with emotive, genuinely heart-wrenching violence. Healing from Stabwound will not be an easy process...and hear for yourself exclusively here, courtesy of Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Seagrave's Stabwound
1. Pillage de tombe
2. Pistanthrophobia
3. Harvest in June
4. Manifest XII
5. Down with the Wolves
6. Bonjour Tristesse


Killer unveil 'Monsters Of Rock' album artwork, tracklisting, release dates, video streaming

Belgian metallers Killer will release their new album, “Monsters Of Rock” on May 21 via Mausoleum Records. The cover artwork and a video of the title song ‘Monsters Of Rock‘ can be viewed below.

Killer celebrating 35 years of “We-take-no-prisoners” hard rocking heavy metal! Killer returns with “Monsters Of Rock“, their seventh album. Produced by Shorty and drummer Vanne, the album packs a powerful wallop, carrying on in the classic tradition of “Ready For Hell“, “Wall Of Sound” and “Shock Waves“. The spirit of the 1980s power-trio recorded with the technical capabilities of 2015 – Hard rockin’ heavy metal does not get any better!

Track listing:

01. Monsters Of Rock
02. No Exception To The Rule
03. Shotgun Symphony
04. Back To The Roots
05. No Way Out
06. Danger Zone
07. Firestorm
08. Deaf, Blind And Dumb
09. Forever Metal
10. Children Of Desperation
11. Hold Your Head Up High
12. Making Magic
13. The Reactor
14. Rock City
15. Fake

Killer are:

Shorty – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitars
Jakke – Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
Vanne – Drums & Backing vocals

Official website

Psychomancer to release 'Inject the Worms' April 7 on Orchestrated Misery Recordings

Orchestrated Misery Recordings has set April 7 as the day on which Inject the Worms from Indiana death metal merchants Psychomancer will be released. Stream new track "Chant of the War Demons" at this location.

Pre-order Inject the Worms here.

With a long and storied career, Psychomancer's version of "brutalized" death metal has been a favorite in the Chicago/Northern Indiana region since forming in early 1998. Inject the Worms is the band's first recording since 2007's Butchered by Me, which was released by Rotting Corpse Records. Recently revamped in 2012 with a new line-up and blitzkrieging the area Illinois/Indiana/Michigan area with shows, the band consists of founding member Duston Bullard taking on bass/vocal duties, new blood Corey Blackstad on drums and guitarist Curt Hutchison on rhythm/lead.

Inject the Worms is a more diverse, demon-tempered, and complete than their previous releases. With a sheer vocal attack and hints of melodic death metal riff-age, the new incarnation has forged six songs of atmosfear and heaviness with themes that are more than your typical "killing, cutting, maggots, killing with my knife." The heaviness and aggression of death metal is there, but this is more a psychological way of mutilation, of treading the dark paths of life that bring you to face the elements of death. The music is still as heavy as you would expect with shattering blast beats and frantic double bass, a switching tempo pattern between fast paced and sludge-driven guitar, thundering bass and growling vocals; but there is also an added element of storytelling and a myriad nods to many metal genres knotted together intricately adding a depth to this newly evolved Psychomancer. The band is currently playing a few select shows, readying their EP release, already hard at work writing the next album as we speak, and hopefully will be in the studio again by 2015.

In Shackles Insane
Just Another Victim
Inject the Worms
Bastards Burn
Abhorrent Wings of Decay
Chant of the War Demons


Abhorrent Decimation - A Marriage Of Music And Art

UK death metal outfit Abhorrent Decimation are pleased to announce they'll be teaming up with a group of sculptors for an innovative new music video.

In the build up to their hugely anticipated debut full length album, the London based wrecking crew have teamed up with the Head of Foundations (David Tinn) and two highly skilled artists (Jonny Cavaciuti & Olivia Davis) at East Surrey College to commission the creation of a series of sculptures to be used in the bands next music video. The album, as of yet untitled, is slated for release later this year and is in the final stages of mixing and mastering under the scrutiny of renown producer Ronnie Björnström, Enhanced Audio Productions (Garageland Studios, Sweden). The wait will soon be over.

Whilst Abhorrent Decimation prepare for their upcoming UK tour with French death metal heavyweights, Benighted and Scotland's Cancerous Womb, vocalist Ashley Scott gives us an overview of the project as he oversees the sculpture commission beginning to take form.

“We've been incredibly fortunate to have pulled this off... I had such big ideas for the first official music video that we would be putting out with this album. I can't go into great detail of the concept behind it all yet but I wanted the band mutated and frozen in ice BUT I didn’t want it done using CGI. Turns out, that was a bit of an ambitious ask. I then thought about doing the whole band as a set of sculptures and freezing those. So I contacted my old friend and mentor David about the possibility of collaborating with his foundation students at the college and the rest is history. He asked that I create a brief for the project and since then the artists have just run with it. We took the first sample casts of my head a few weeks back and we are really happy with the results. Next, the whole band will be in to have moulds taken of their heads. From there, the artists will then need a little time to work on these objects before we can have them frozen and then begin shooting the vid. I really wanted to bring one song in particular to life, having these sculptures frozen in ice will do exactly that and it's something a little different, this is an interesting marriage of music and art. You don't see that much. And once the album is released I would love to exhibit these pieces in London.”

Check out 'Infected Celestial Utopia', title track from the debut Abhorrent Decimation EP here.

Abhorrent Decimation Live!
11/04/15 Croydon, The Scream Lounge
12/04/15 Bristol, The Exchange
13/04/15 Liverpool, The Magnet
14/04/15 Edinburgh, Bannermans
15/04/15 Leeds, Temple of Boom
16/04/15 Birmingham, The Flapper
17/04/15 Reading, The Facebar
19/04/15 Tilburg, Neurotic Deathfest
28/04/15 Brighton, The Prince Albert
23/05/15 Southampton, The Firehouse

Official website

Endless Pain released lyric video for "Nel Nome del Padre"

Available following this link the lyric video of “Nel Nome del Padre”, first single from Endless Pain's new album entitled “Cosa Nostra” released on March 16 2015 via Banksville Records and available for free download through the band's official website.

Official website

Triumvir Foul "An Oath of Blood and Fire" vinyl available now

Portland’s Triumvir Foul, purveyors of all things raw, thick and nasty, have announced that the vinyl version of An Oath Of Blood and Fire is now on sale. Recall that raw filth that inhabited much of the cream of the 90s Swedish and American crop: this record has it in spades.

The bastard lovechild of Autopsy and Nihilist, this duo have picked up all the right elements of both sides of the pond, topped with Ad Infinitum's cavernous growls. Both guys unleash their pent-up aggression, beating the hell out of their instruments on tracks with names such as “Abhorrent Depths” and “Silence Continuum”. And as if to answer our prayers, the record closes out with a re-imagination of Autopsy's “Embalmed”, replete with its muddy caveman grooves and chaotic soloing.

Link to 7” EP
Link to 7” EP and patch

Stream the EP via Noisey

Triumvir Foul is:
Ad Infinitum – strings & vocals
Cedentibus – skins

Recorded by Jordan Huston
Mastered by Andrew Oswald


Days Of Jupiter single/video release

The Swedish hard rockers from Days Of Jupiter have released the 1st single from their upcoming album today !

The single is called "Last One Alive" and the video for the single can be seen below.

From today on the single can be downloaded from the iTunes store and streamed through Spotify !

The track has been taken from the upcoming full-lenght which will be titled "Only Ashes Remain" and has a release-date set for April 24, 2015 ! The 11-track album will be released through Ninetone Records !

The new album was recorded at Sidelake studios this summer and it shows that the band has taken their music to a new level with great songs, great melody and with a heavy and crunching attitude !

Track List :
1. Ashes
2. Broken halo
3. I
4. Shut Up
5. Show me how to live
6. Last one alive
7. Remember my name
8. Fears come alive
9. Eyes wide open
10. Follow
11. Life after you


Axel Rudi Pell - "Magic Moments" - teaser with full video released

Watch the teaser incl. the full video of "Since You Been Gone" feat. Graham Bonnet here:

Official website

WAMI (White Appice Mendoza Iggy) - vinyl edition of their debut album

Great news for the fans of the new exciting project WAMI. The band’s debut album entitled “Kill The King” has been released on vinyl!

The names associated with the project are true legends on the hard rock scene: on the vocals - Doogie White (Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen), on the drums - Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, DIO), on the bass - Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), who join forces with the 16-year-old Polish guitarist Iggy Gwadera, who made his debut 3 years ago as the guitarist of Anti Tank Nun.

The idea to record an album together was born after Thin Lizzy's concert in Poland. The bassist Marco Mendoza, delighted with the young guitarist Iggy, who supported Thin Lizzy with his band Anti Tank Nun, suggested that they record some music together. This first idea, which was maturing for the next dozen-odd months, eventually evolved into the project involving legendary musicians, who are currently recording a brand new album together with Iggy. The drummer Vinny Appice, renowned for playing in some of the best heavy metal bands of worldwide fame, as also the bassist Marco Mendoza have already finished recording bass and drum tracks in Los Angeles. In late November 2013, Doogie White confronted his vocal talent with Iggy's guitar technique during their recording sessions in Poland. The results of these sessions are truly outstanding!

The band’s new official video “Wild Woman” can be watched now on Youtube. Check it out at this location.

Official website

Cardinal Wyrm to release new Svart album

Today, Svart Records announces May 8th as the international release date for Cardinal Wyrm's second album, Black Hole Gods. Cardinal Wyrm is a three-piece band from the Bay Area. Their music is rooted in traditional, epic doom inspired by the immortal tones of Reverend Bizarre, Count Raven, and Bathory's soaring odes, but is rife with an undercurrent of filth and desperation, creating the uniquely haunting, intimate, and suffocating grandeur of their sound. Steered by drummer and vocalist Pranjal Tiwari, guitarist Nathan Verrill, and bassist Rachel Roomian, the band has been active since 2010, self-releasing their debut album and sharing the stage with acts such as Wolvserpent, Hobbs Angel of Death, Uzala, and Sabbat along the way.

Now on their second album and featuring background vocals by Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Hammers of Misfortune), Cardinal Wyrm will release Black Hole Gods (which was originally available as a download only) on both CD and double-LP vinyl formats via Svart Records. Expect to find yourself lost in an alternate universe, of the void within and beyond, with these eight tracks of dusty, devilish true doom. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Cardinal Wyrm's Black Hole Gods
1. Deep Within
2. Dreams of Teeth
3. Born in a Barren Land
4. Warden of the Swans
5. Leaves of This Hanging Tree
6. I Am The Doorway
7. Cult of the Coiled Spine
8. The Outlier


Brazilian black metal band Despot release 'Artifact' single from upcoming EP

This past March 22nd Brazilian black metal duo Despot released the single 'Artifact' from their upcoming EP "Pictures of the Void". "Pictures of the Void" will be released March 29th, more details on the upcoming EP to be released soon. This is the first music made available from the band since their 2013 full length album and the first since becoming a two piece band.

Belo Horizonte's suffocating juxtaposition of greys is where the band had its humble beginnings. As a one-man-band formed by Marcelo Murrer Despot released 3 demos and its debut album, 2013's "Satan in the the Row". Diogo Borges joined the band in 2015, taking over the roles of percussionist and producer.

"Artifact" is available now for download and/or streaming from the band's bandcamp page as well as a variety of digital music stores such as Amazon, Google Play Music, iTunes & several others.


Friday, March 27, 2015

The Golers and Dewar PR release benefit compilation

The cross-over thrash powerhouse known as The Golers have just released a digital compilation in conjunction with Dewar PR. The purpose of the album is to raise funds for Margriet Tan, the wife of Geoff Tan (the original Golers bassist), who was diagnosed with cancer. The album consists of 11 tracks by some of the best up and coming underground metal acts and includes an exclusive track from the new project from Daniel Jackson of Void Ritual.

All proceeds will go to assisting the Tan family. The compilation is available as a "pay as you want" download with a minimum purchase of $3 USD.

The compilation can be downloaded here.

The Golers will also be playing a benefit show on April 11th in Vancouver to help raise money for the Tan family. The show will be held at Funky Winkerbeans. More details on the show can be found here.

1.The Golers - In 'n' Outlaws
2.The Golers - Alcoholics Unanimous
3.Desu - Super X III: Ice Weapon
4.Order of the Dead - 322
5.Twilight Fauna - Old Tears, New Fires
6.Zoxim - Zoxim-Fire
7.Dog Head - Abomination
8.Mad Trapper - Burning Moth
9.Six Of Swords - Separation at the Seams
10.Nocturna - Cast Assured
11.Yeti On Horseback - Psycho

Facebook The Golers
Bandcamp The Golers

Facebook Dewar PR
Bandcamp Dewar PR

Heavenwood announces new drummer

Legendary Portuguese dark metallers Heavenwood have announced the return of drummer Daniel Cardoso to the group’s ranks which is considered by Filipe Marta, the band’s manager ‘ one of the most creative, professional and competent musicians around besides being a very important part of Heavenwood history. ‘ In fact, Daniel Cardoso recorded the drums on the 'Redemption' (2008) and 'Abyss Masterpiece' (2011) albums and played with the band during this period.
Daniel Cardoso is a talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer and is currently a member of British band Anathema. Daniel was also in Head Control System with Kristoffer Rygg and Leafblade with Danny Cavanagh.
Daniel presently has an extensive curriculum as both producer and/or session musician for a vast list of bands including Anneke van Giersbergen, Angelus Apatrida, Ava Inferi, and many more.

Heavenwood are currently recording their fifth studio album, ‘ The Tarot Of The Bohemians ‘ to be released late September 2015. Bass and main vocal recording sessions took place at Stone Sound Studio, in Oporto, under the supervision of producer/ bassist Ricardo Oliveira; the drum recording session will take place at Ultrasoundstudios in Braga with Pedro Mendes. After finishing the drum tracking, Heavenwood will enter the Raising Legends Studio, where producer André Matos will be at helm of the final recordings.

The band recently inked a album deal with Raising Legends Records for the exclusive release of the record in Portugal. The album will be released worldwide through a International label soon to be named.

There will be a total of twelve songs thats will be included on the album and there are also plans for some bonus material to be included and some known international guest appearences.

Studio Video Reports will be posted online on the next weeks.


Biters sign worldwide deal with Earache Records

Atlanta rock 'n' roll tearaways Biters have announced a worldwide recording deal with Earache Records.

Recalling the early spirit and danger of rabble-rousing rock heroes, Biters have faithfully built upon their punk heritage and their love of 70’s rock to deliver music that ignites, incites and excites in equal measure.

Possessing a heart full of rock 'n' roll, the band play foot stomping, fist pumping, spit-on-the-floor anthems possessed of a fighting spirit that refuses to give in.

Band leader Tuk explains the band's outlook:

"Corporate pop culture and fairweather fads is just something I'm not interested in. I still choose to play rock ‘n’ roll, because I still believe in rock ‘n’ roll."

Earache's Dan Tobin comments:

"Biters have lit a fire under us here at Earache. Their brand of rock forces you to take part - its so immediate, accessible and exciting that the label had to get involved. Most of all, its completely believable - its makes you want to fight for this kind of music to be heard. There is a gang mentality with Biters that is very strong, and we are thrilled to join forces with them."

An aura of recklessness and intimidation surrounds the Biters mythology. Yet amongst all of the raw riffage, teethmarks and broken glass, the band serve up instant hooks and shout-a-long choruses. This ear for melody has not been lost on others - the likes of Green Day have proclaimed Biters among their favourite new bands.

'Electric Blood' is Biters debut album for Earache and is released on July 13. A single, ‘Restless Hearts’, will precede the album and can be heard here.


Furyon confirmed for Poland's Woodstock Festival

British hard rockers Furyon are confirmed to play Main Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland on July 31, 2105 in Kostrzyn, Poland. Woodstock Festival Poland is a huge free summer music festival & the biggest open-air festival in Europe! No i na Dużej Scenie zagra Furyon.

Last year 750.000 visitors attend on 3 days!

Other bands confirmed: Black Label Society, Cannailles, Congo Natty, Eluveitie, Frontside, Hed PE, Illusion, Lipali, Mela Koteluk, Mrozu, Proletaryat, Scarecrow, Shaka Ponk, Within Temptation and many more.

Entry is free
Camping is free
Beer is 0.80 Euro
Food on average 2.50 Euro
Massive mud shower
Bungee jump for 30.00 Euro
Flights to Berlin are very cheap
Train to Festival from Berlin is 5.00Euro !

Facebook Woodstock Festival Poland
Official website Woodstock Festival Poland

Official website Furyon
Facebook Furyon

Shining premiere new track

Shining are now revealing a brand new track taken from their forthcoming full-length 'IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends'. The song "Framtidsutsikter" is exclusively streaming via these official media partners.

Metalobsession (AU)
Spark (CZ) (DE)
Kaaoszine (FI)
La Grosse Radio (FR)
Metalpaths (GR)
Kronos Mortus (HU)
Rock Hard (IT)
Marunouchi Muzik (JP)
Lords of Metal (NL)
Eternal-Terror (NO)
Against Magazine (PT)
Metal Hammer (UK)

Niklas Kvarforth comments: "Following similar paths as several other 'ballads' of ours, 'Framtidsutsikter' ('Future Prospects'), melds all of them together into an epic journey in a downward spiral. Coincidence and the pure joy of creating something horrible made this song into what it is. Relying on a pulsating vibe of hopelessness and despair, this song is for me personally almost unbearable to listen to. That will make things extremely interesting when performing it live, and it will probably be considered as one of the darker turns in our two decades long career. All hail misery!"

'IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends' has been scheduled for release on the 20th of April 2015. The album can already be pre-ordered in various formats including collectors' editions via the Season of Mist shop.

Official website

Black metal brother duo Helleborus offer free download of 'Coils' on

Named after a gorgeous, but poisonous flower that blooms in winter, Manitou Springs, CO based Helleborus is the new creation of brothers Jerred & Wyatt Houseman (both former members of Execration). Pushing their creative freedom to new levels, the psychedelic black metal project is Dionysian in nature and explores themes of sexual mysticism, Qabalah & the Esoteric.

For their debut to the metal world, Helleborus has teamed up with for the exclusive premiere and free download of their track 'Coils' available at the following link here.

"Coils is the most universal offering in our continuous developing sound. It's driven by a dark stream of inventive instrumental extravagance and the kind of creative power that romanticizes the listener. With catchy melodic grooves and blackened chords we desire to express something fresh and unconventional to our audience. We explore a lot of contrasting resonations that you may not expect to hear from a traditional black metal outfit. This is only one song we have planned from our upcoming album; each will tell their own cryptic story. We are extremely proud of this project and look forward to developing it further with fans watching and listening." comments vocalist / lyricist Wyatt Houseman.

'Coils' is one of many songs the brothers plan to unleash on their soon to be finished debut full length 'The Carnal Sabbath', a release that combines black, death and doom metal with a vast ambiance. Venturing outside the conventional colors of traditional black metal, Jerred & Wyatt plan to deliver a new aura of sound where fans of The Devil’s Blood, Satyricon, Necorphobic, Belphegor, Blut Aus Nord are sure to connect with them.


Shape Of Despair announce new album

Shape Of Despair are revealing the title of their next full-length. The doom masterpiece will make your skin crawl under the name of 'Monotony Fields'. The album has been scheduled for release on the 15th of June 2015. Pre-sale will commence by mid-April, which will also mark the revealing of the album's cover art, a brand new song, and tracklist.

Season of Mist have recently proudly welcome Shape Of Despair back to their roster. The band commented: "We are proud to announce Season of Mist as our new label. Since our latest album 'Illusion's Play' was released 10 years ago, we can already reveal that our long awaited follow-up full-length will express misery in new ways. As we have published EP's and our first releases via various labels, we are pleased to have found a steady home and look forward to a long lasting partnership. Our next album has already been recorded and will be released in 2015."


Cult Of Endtime set release date for Svart debut, premiere first track

Cult of Endtime is a five-headed cadaver from Finland, reanimated with the blackest of magick and possessed to play vintage death metal. The beast has roamed the barren wastelands of eastern Finland since 2010 and has now been successfully on tape. The resulting album has been christened In Charnel Lights, and Finnish label Svart Records has been given the daunting task to unleash the work to the world on May 29th.

In Charnel Lights sounds like something one would see circulating in the tape-trading circles of the early '90s, played back by longhaired teenagers at high volumes on beaten ghetto-blasters. The same black blood that gave birth to the best of early Scandinavian death metal flows in Cult of Endtime's ruptured veins.

Recorded and mixed by the band's guitarist and mastered at Orgone Studios, London, the album takes what was an exceptionally promising demo band to wholly new levels. Ranging from more melodic doomy parts to breakneck riffery, from the muddy, fuzzy walls of guitars to demonic growls also known as vocals, Cult of Endtime are here not to reinvent things but to reinforce and refine them. Hear for yourself exclusively here with the first premiere track, "Cairns on Mercury." Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Cult of Endtime's In Charnel Lights
1. A Vast Cosmic Horror
2. Cairns On Mercury
3. Prognatus De Sigillum
4. The Colossus Fell
5. Hidden Gods
6. Gnostic Haeresis
7. Funeral Voyagers
8. Discourse With The Dead


Mammoth Mammoth trackpremiere

The upcoming Mammoth Mammoth album Volume IV – Hammered Again is set to be released on March 30thin the UK & April, 7th US/CAN on Napalm Records & mixes dirty hard rock with a healthy dose of stoner vibes!

To shorten the short waiting time, the Australian rockers have now premiered a full-length track. The song can be heard exclusively here!

Get ready for much more Mammoth Mammoth to come!

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The New Roses confirmed as special guest for Accept tour & additional dates unveiled

The New Roses are a new rock sensation hailing from Germany. The band recently signed with Austria’s Napalm Records and they have unveiled new tour dates and special shows supporting German metal giants Accept!

The New Roses are a true rock'n'roll monster, combining influences of AC/DC, Kid Rock, The Black Roses and Aerosmith skillfully with an enriched and unique sound. A crowning achievement saw the band’s track "Without A Trace" featured in the TV trailer for the US hit series "Sons Of Anarchy.” With more than 150 shows and festivals played all over Europe in the last three years, and numerous avid fans, The New Roses are ready to rock!

Over the next few months the German Rock quartet will enthrall all over Germany, Hungary and Switzerland with over 30 stops, including shows supporting Accept in Leipzig, Hannover and Budapest. More highlights include: Harley-Days in Hamburg (GER), Bike&Music Festival in Geiselwind (GER) and Swiss-Harley-Festival in Lugano (CH).

Find all tour dates below & make sure to catch The New Roses live on tour:

27.03.2015 GER - Bonn-Siegburg / Kubana (special guest für Ohrenfeindt)
04.04.2015 GER - Klingenthal / Gambrinus
05.04.2015 GER - Obermachtal / Kreuz
10.04.2015 GER - Sonthofen / Barfly
11.04.2015 CH - Wetzikon / Hall Of Fame
25.04.2015 GER - Köln / Sternhagel
26.04.2015 GER - Kurtenberg / Café zu den 4 Winden
13.05.2015 GER - Wiesbaden / Kranzplatzfest
14.05.2015 GER - Hannover / Kenpokan
15.05.2015 GER - Bückeburg / Schraubbar
16.05.2015 GER - Schwerin / Speicher
17.05.2015 GER - Hannover / Capitol (special guest für Accept)
19.05.2015 GER - Leipzig / Werk 2 (special guest für Accept)
20.05.2015 GER - München / Hardrock Cafe
22.05.2015 CH - Zug / Chollerhalle
23.05.2015 CH - Lenzburg / Met Bar
26.05.2015 HU - Budapest / Babra Negra Track (special guest für Accept)
26.06.2015 GER - Hamburg / Hamburg Harley Days
03.07.2015 CH - Lugano / Swiss Harley Days
04.07.2015 GER - Empfenbach / Open Air
17.07.2015 GER - Dettighofen / Open Air
25.07.2015 GER - Marne / Koppelschänke Festival
30.07.2015 GER - Geiselwind / Bike & Music Weekend
01.08.2015 GER - Dittelsheim / 1. Kloppberg Rock Event
05.09.2015 GER - Rockenhausen / Metallergrillen Festival
25.09.2015 GER - Oberursel / Festival
More dates to be announced soon!

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The Order Of Israfel premiere new music video for track "On Black Wings, A Demon"

The Order Of Israfel are well known for their early seventies doom sound combined with progressive cross-references and Folk elements. Their latest album Wisdom (2014, Napalm Records) has already proven what this Swedish combo from the metal hotspot of Goteborg is made of.

The Order Of Israfel have now unveiled a brand new music video for the track “On Black Wings, A Demon”! Check out the video and meet the demon here!

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Nervosa - Baltic states & Russia tour

Nervosa, the all-female thrash metal combo have taken the scene by storm! Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut Victim Of Yourself (2014, Napalm Records), these three girls have pushed the pedal to the metal! They offer the listener high-speed riffs, furious drumming and raging leads from bassist Fernanda Lira!

This summer they are going to hit the road together with Californian thrash legends Hirax & will be touring Russia and Baltic States this summer!

Make sure to catch this Brazilian demolition crew live on tour!

 /w Hirax

09.07.15 CZ - Trutnov / Obscene Extreme
11.07.15 POL - Gdansk / Atlantic Club
12.07.15 POL - Szczecin / Slowianin Club
13.07.15 POL - Warsaw / Progressja
14.07.15 GER - Berlin / SO36
16.07.15 SVK - Kosice / Colliseum Club
17.07.15 CZ - Pohori / Agressive Fest
19.07.15 GER - Egelsee / Schwarzer Adler
21.07.15 SLO - Tolmin / Metal Days Festival
22.07.15 AUT - Dornbirn / Conrad Sohm
23.07.15 GER - Kassel / K19
25.07.15 NL – Steenwijk / Stonehenge
26.07.15 BEL - Ostend / JH OHK

Nervosa – Baltic States & Russia Tour

26.08.15 LV - Riga / Nabaklab
27.08.15 EE - Tallin / Tapper
28.08.15 RU - St. Petersburg / Backstage Club
29.08.15 RU - Moscow / Brooklyn
30.08.15 RU - Tver / Soboka Mile
31.08.15 RU - Smolensk / A-Club
01.09.15 RU - Novomoskovsk / Mad Dog
02.09.15 RU - Voronezh / Exit Club
03.09.15 RU - Rostov On Don / Podzemka
04.09.15 RU - Krasnodar / SY 27
06.09.15 RU - Tula / M2 Club

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Satyricon on European tour in April 2015

Norwegian black metal legends Satyricon have recently signed a worldwide deal with Austrian metal label Napalm Records for release of their upcoming DVD Live At The Opera!

This very special release of Satyricon's Live At The Opera will be unleashed in Europe on May 1st & on May 5th 2015 in North America via Napalm Records. It contains the full performance DVD and double CD of this exclusive and unique concert from the legendary Satyricon.

Watch a preview of Live At The Opera here!

“This is not “Satyricon – Best Of from the Opera”, this is a show! The perfect parts need to go in there, but also the parts that are not so perfect. That`s the nature of it, that`s the real deal. It's not a live album. It's a celebration of what Satyricon stands for as a band.” commented mastermind Satyr.

To celebrate their upcoming DVD release, Satyricon will be hitting the road for an extensive European tour alongside with Norwegian support acts in Oslo Faenskap and Vredehammer . Catch them live this April. All tour dates are listed below.

Satyricon "The Dawn Of A New Age 2015" Tour
04.04.2015 NL – Nijmegen / Doornroosje
05.04.2015 FR – Oignies / Le Metaphone
06.04.2015 FR – Paris / La Machine
07.04.2015 UK – Manchester / Sound Control
08.04.2015 UK – London / Scala
10.04.2015 BEL – Durbuy / Durbuy Rock Festival
11.04.2015 GER – Bochum / Matrix
12.04.2015 GER – Wiesbaden / Schlachthof
13.04.2015 CZ – Prag / Akropolis
15.04.2015 GER – Munich / Bachstage Halle
16.04.2015 CH – Pratteln / Z7
17.04.2015 FR – Montbéliard / Impetus Festival
18.04.2015 IT – Pordenone / Deposito Giordano
19.04.2015 AT – Vienna / Szene
21.04.2015 PL – Warsaw / Progresja
22.04.2015 GER – Berlin / SO36
23.04.2015 GER – Leipzig / Werk 2
24.04.2015 GER – Hamburg / Markthalle
25.04.2015 SE – Malmö / KB
26.04.2015 SE – Stockholm / Nalen

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German riffonauts Black Space Riders entering studio to record 4th album

German riffonauts Black Space Riders will be entering the studio in the coming days to record their fourth album. The new album comes on the heels of highly acclaimed predecessor D:REI (2014). The album is tentatively scheduled for a Summer 2015 release.

The band recently released a video for "Stare at the Water," a track from D:REI. Check out the video at this location.

On D:REI Black Space Riders are even more colorful, louder, softer, harder, atmospheric, gripping, and above all exalted! D:REI is an exciting journey through rock, metal and psychedelia; the soundtrack to your very own sci-fi epic. The riffs are heavy, inspiring and enduring. The songwriting is classic, the arrangements full of devotion. The two lead vocalists play off each other without seam, interlocking and assuring that the music will lodge in your memory. D:REI is groovy! Sometimes slowly dooming, sometimes oppressively rocking, then irresistibly funky...and suddenly you are dancing around the warp core. And it is all wrapped up in a sound that is natural, transparent, open, yet powerful, and elegant, as it timelessly circumnavigates the retro-trap

Is D:REI a concept album? Form your own opinion! Read more about this story of retreat, outbreak, total destruction, escape, transformation and new beginnings here.

Black Space Riders have traveled farther than ever before and want you to join the trip! Check out the lyric video for album track "The GOD-Survivor" at this location.

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Dygitals unveil 'Dynamite' album cover, tracklist, release dates

French heavy metallers Dygitals will release their new album, “Dynamite” on May 21 in Europe and May 5 in North America via Mausoleum Records. The cover artwork and a short video sample can be viewed below.

The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Didier Chesneau at MII Recording Studio, based in Forainvillier Dreux in France. “Dynamite” marks the return of the band to its glorious form.

Track listing:

01. Dynamite
02. 30 Years Of Rock
03. No Speed Limit
04. Sin City
05. Everybody Knows
06. Will You Help Me
07. No Way Out
08. We Wanna Live Free
09. Don’t Want To Let You Down
10. End Of The Story

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