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Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: Nepente - I Will Get Your Soul

Another death/black band, this time it is Nepente. Hailing from Colombia since 2002. They already released "Ascension", "Atonements" and "Suffering Is The Seed", now it is time for "I Will Get Your Soul". It will be released at the end of March this year.

Four tracks with an total length of 21 minutes, I Will Get Your Soul is not really long. Starting with a slow guitar, soon the wall of sound will come at you. Harsh screams, low growls, heavy guitars, blasting drums and all of that played very fast and loud, that's what death/black is all about, right? That's also what I Will Get Your Soul is all about. This release is good, but it isn't special, it is just like most of the other death/black bands. Aggressive, loud, heavy, fast. There's one thing I really dig about Nepente in special, that's the screams, you can almost feel the anger, hate and despair in it and you almost get the feeling to do that same scream with the same feelings behind it.

So, you dig death/black and you haven't got enough bands to hear in that genre? Go listen to Nepente, but don't expect something very different. Maybe you aren't searching for something different, if that's the case, this is something for you.


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