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Friday, February 27, 2015

Persian Metal Festival 2015: Peace, love & rock in the Middle East

In 1915 the Battle of Gallipoli wreaked havoc on Çanakkale, Turkey. The brutal war left over 100,000 Australian, European and Turkish soldiers dead in its wake, but resulted in the formation of the Republic of Turkey.

On the 100th anniversary of this carnage, March 28th-29th 2015, rock and metal bands from all corners of the Middle East are coming together at the very battlegrounds to forgo their differences and celebrate their love of heavy music at Persian Rock & Metal Festival.

Featuring headliners Orphaned Land (Israel) and Master of Persia (Iran), as well as a dozen other bands hailing from Dubai, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Georgia, Persian Rock and Metal Festival is defying tenacious governments and making for the truest underground festival in Middle Eastern history.

Orphaned Land (Israel)
Master of Persia (Iran)
Anuryzm (Dubai)
Phenomy (Lebanon)
Arallu (Israel)
Insistence (Turkey)
Mental Destruction (Bulgaria)
Natural Life (Georgia)
Dikey (Turkey)
Listana (Turkey)
Amot (Iran)
Plüton'u Kurtarmak (Turkey)
Papa C (Iran)

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