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Friday, February 27, 2015

Gloson premiere new track at

Today, post-metal upstarts Gloson premiere the epic new track "The Aftermath/Beginning" at heavily trafficked web-portal The track hails from Gloson's forthcoming debut album, Yearwalker, set for international release on March 23rd via Art of Propaganda and Catatonic State. Post-metal might be a very millennial creation, with peaks and valleys of creativity across an expansive spectrum, but fire still rumbles down below and newcomers can still offer new twists on an oft-tired subgenre. Enter Sweden's Gloson and their Yearwalker debut. Originally self-released digitally last year, the mini-album is now being released on vinyl LP to show the international metal scene how much that fire still rumbles down below. At a taut yet spacious 32 minutes, Yearwalker displays a young band with a veteran's grasp of sludgy, sometimes-sinister post-metal. The four songs comprising the record are mini-epics in themselves: often crushing right out of the gate, other times simmering with delicious tension, always with deft 'n' subtle shifts in dynamics, and all recorded in warm, molten analog. There's a certain autumnal melancholy to Gloson's ruminations here, guiding the listener across vistas of grey skies, leafless trees, and the waning light of the day. As both a debut and a work in itself, Gloson's Yearwalker arrives fully formed and firmly confident. Hear the first evidence for yourself exclusively here, courtesy of Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Gloson's Yearwalker
1. Årsgång
2. Sirens
3. The End/Aftermath
4. The Aftermath/Beginning

Gloson started as a result of a couple of individuals striving to get out of an emotional storm by writing music influenced by music, art, and legends who talked them through life. Ideas became creations, and creations became Yearwalker. The desire to escape reality, into a world both dark as light, brought creativity to put together four songs and, then on a DIY level, record them and drop them as a free digital album.

Gloson lineup:
Anders - guitars & vocals
Christian - guitars, vocals, and drums
Kristoffer - bass & backing vocals
Mikael - guitars


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