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Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: Merciless Attack - Back To Violence

Merciless Attack has just released Back To Violence, their latest album to date on December 21st. They play thrash metal in a very aggressive way.

As said, their album is called Back To Violence and they are perfectly going back to violence. Not only with the album cover, which is nice, but a little bit over the top in terms of violence, but also with their music, which is very aggressive, powerful, raw thrash metal. Expect a wall of sound coming at you, you will be destroyed with this music! You will love this music if you are into the older thrash metal, which used to be very loud, aggressive and powerful like, for example, the early days of Slayer. So this could be a perfect disc for thrashers who are a bit older now or for people that love their metal just in a very fast, aggressive way.

You are into thrash? Go listen to Back To Violence by Merciless Attack!


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