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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: Carnival Of Flesh - Stories From A Fallen World

Bombastic, symphonic black metal fans, here is Carnival Of Flesh! Founded in 2002, split up in 2008, reformed in 2014 and now Stories From A Fallen World is born.

Stories From A Fallen World has six tracks on it with an total length of 34 minutes. Expect heavy black metal, full of symphonic and bombastic sounds. Speaking of the vocals, you hear a sort of growl, but there also some clean, very dark voice singing at this release. Sometimes, while listening to Stories From A Fallen World, I must think of Cradle Of Filth. The growling vocals and sometimes the instrumental part of the music very much remind me of them. Whether you like Cradle of Filth or not, this is very much a compliment. As Carnival of Flesh does inject very much symphonic sounds in its music together with the rhythm changing and different sorts of vocals, you maybe would think that this is very chaotic. I can tell you one thing about that, it isn't chaotic. Carnival of Flesh has done a pretty great job at making some very nice symphonic black metal?

You dig some symphonic black metal? Go listen to Stories From A Fallen World by Carnival Of Flesh!

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