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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: Abstracter - Wound Empire

Beware! Here is Abstracter! After releasing their debut album Tomb of Feathers in 2012, now they soon unleash their second release Wound Empire upon the world. For anybody who doesn't know Abstracter yet, prepare for some heavy, raw mix of blackened sludge, doom and crust. Wound Empire will be released on February 10th.

Wound Empire has 4 tracks on it, but don't be afraid that it will be too short. This release will bring you 42 minutes of heaviness for your ears. The tracks are slow and dark, while heavy and harsh. The slow, doomy music fits perfectly with the harsh vocals. The whole release has also some dark, harsh layer over it, which normally would make it sound bad, but Abstracter is doing it perfectly. This layer will make you feel that you're listening to something very underground, very dark and very obscure, while the quality of the music is good.

Abstracter has done a good job. This music is for people who love the more harsh sounds of metal, but don't expect very fast music, you have to have time for Wound Empire.

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