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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: 0 X í S T - One Eon

0 X í S T is a dark metal band from Finland. After releasing their first album Nil now their second release One Eon will come to earth. On the 4th of February 0 X í S T will take over the world with their newest, heavy dark metal album.

Six tracks of pure, slow and very dark metal, that is what One Eon will be. Dark, low growls, doomy guitars, heavy drums and slow but heavy rhythms. Everything together will make the perfect combination for some dark metal. You can expect long songs, full of dark music. 0 X í S T put together a style you won't hear very often, the music sounds very doom metal, but it is more dark, more heavier and more obscure. The vocals are somewhere between growls and screams, with rarely some clean vocals. This is some very dark music.

You dig dark metal? You don't know 0 X í S T yet? Go listen to them. This could be your next favorite band.

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