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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Live review: Blackdeath, Ondskapt, Archgoat and Inquisition at Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Way too early we arrived at Doornroosje, Nijmegen. Ready for a long evening full of black metal. In the freezing cold, slowly more people are arriving. A little bit later than planned the doors open and the black metal horde can go inside to prepare for training their neck muscles and going fully insane at some black metal. Four bands are going to perform this evening.

First band of the evening is Blackdeath. The men from Russia start when the background music is still playing and they immediately blow you away with their wall of sound. Musically the band plays solid black metal, but not very special, just black metal. Vocally it wasn't that good, the frontman has an good sound in his voice but every word he said sounded the same. It was more a long-time screaming sound than vocals. The whole band didn't have a little bit of contact with the crowd either. All together, Blackdeath was a little bit disappointing.

Then it was time for Ondskapt. These Swedes were a lot better than the first band. First of all, when they came onstage it was more of an performance, the vocalist was fully dressed in black metal outfit. The band had more contact with the crowd and you could see that crowd was responding more to that. It was getting busier and people like it more in my opinion. The vocalist had some troubles with the microphone, but this wouldn't let him down. He had an amazing voice and together with the sort of growl he had, he also had some more clean singing which had an very nice contrast with the growls. You could hear that he also had an amazing vocal range.

After the performance of Ondskapt, we got some drinks and were planning to see (and buy) some merchandise. When we would go back to the place the third band was already playing. It was Archgoat. As the place was fully loaded with people, we almost couldn't go in and when we finally got in, we didn't see anything. So we decided to skip this band.

After a long while it was finally time for the headlining act, Inquisition! While the most people were going to the toilet of getting a smoke, we had plenty of space to get in the room where it soon would happen. We got some space to stand, we got something to drink and we were ready for the black metal of Inquisition. Lights got out and the intro of Inquisition started. The curtains got open and one hell of a light show started together with the very nice wall of sound the two men of Inquisition produced. You immediately got possessed by the music they produced. What a hell of a show by just two people! Blasting drums, heavy guitarsounds and the voice of Dagon which was as unique as always. You could see at the crowd that the energy Inquisition blew off the stage was absorbing really good to the people. Inquisition was absolutely the highlight of the evening.

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