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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kuko De Kobra releases new album via Target Records

Three years after their well-received Jacob "Volbeat" Hansen produced debut "Naja Naja” Kuko De Kobra are back with "A Girl And Her Giraffe". The main song writer and bassist John Sharling describes the release as "a rock record with a strong pop sensibility". Sharling has never been afraid to admit that deep down inside he is into pop - as long as it is served with "a healthy dose of guitar". That healthy dose of guitar comes easy when flanked by the duo Martin Jepsen Andersen (Blindstone, Meridian) and Thomas Christensen. Two very different players, though both rooted in blues and hard rock, who love nothing more than serving up raw riffs and fiery solos.

Martin Pagaard who co-produced "Naja Naja", sat in both the producer- and drum-chair on "A Girl And Her Giraffe". His and Sharlings agenda was clear from the start, they wanted to cut to the chase and make lean, strong songs.This working method meant that both pure hard rock, catchy power pop and a few quiet ballads now live side by side on a comprehensive and coherent album.

A few of the tracks have already been presented to the masses, as "Fitzroy Road (Head In The Oven)" was released online on the 50th anniversary of Sylvia Plath's death. "Ocean Wide" was released in August 2014 as an alternative and artistic music video, shot entirely on the iPhone.

A Kuko The Kobra concert is characterized by an immediate joy of being in the moment, a strong energy, powerful guitar duels and a mission to give the audience a good, unforgettable rock-party.

You can buy A Girl And Her Giraffe here.


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