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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review: Anckora - Экстрим (Extreme)

Coming from Russia, here is Anckora. Your future favorite alternative/industrial metal band. Anckora is Katrin Antares on vocals and keyboards, Evgeniy JonPriest and Maksim Exaeon on guitar and backing vocals, Ronnis Lemuel on backing vocals, Anton Phoenix on keyboards and backing vocals, Andrey Ectomorph on bass and backing vocals and drummer Maksim Lvov. In June this year they have released their latest EP Extreme.

Extreme contains seven songs with an total length of 22 minutes. Twenty-two minutes full of industrial tunes, heavy guitars, fast drumming and vocals. While I can't understand the vocals, as they are in Russian, they sound very aggressive. The vocals are done in a wide range, on Extreme you can hear almost every sort of vocals, from screaming till clean vocals, female and male. The industrial parts of Anckora's music fit perfectly with the very aggressive music they make. This is really a band to watch in the future. I expect a lot of Anckora. This is a great band in the industrial metal scene.

Industrial metal is your thing? Go listen to Anckora's newest release Extreme. You will love it!

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