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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Third Ion sign to Glasstone Records / reveal album artwork for 13/8Bit

Prog metal outfit Third Ion, featuring former members of The Devin Townsend Band and Into Eternity, have signed with the UK's Glasstone Records for the release of debut album 13/8Bit. Album artwork (below) comes courtesy of Harley K at Necrographix. A winter/spring 2015 release date will be announced in the near future.

Glasstone Records stated "We are very excited to be working with Third Ion and to be releasing their debut album!" Third Ion issued the following statement regarding the signing and upcoming release:

"We are beyond stoked to announce our partnership with Glasstone Records, who approached us several months ago about releasing our debut record, 13/8Bit. They have been great to deal with this whole time, and have a very artist friendly approach - a refreshing change with the times. The album is 99% finished, and same with the artwork, and once it's all in we will pin down a release date and let you all know! Our hope in working with Glasstone is that it will help us reach a European audience, and result in performing over there as well.

In the mean time, we have decided to share the album cover with you guys, drawn by our friend Harley K at Necrographix - we have been sitting on this for a while, and can't wait to unveil it. Even if people only collect music digitally, we are nerds and this album cover is important to us! We are also having a CD Listening Party in Regina, SK (Canada) at the Exchange on December 18th at 8PM, so if you're in our neck of the woods come and hear an early preview of the entire record, and maybe some other surprises."

Third Ion has posted a full studio performance video of the song "Zero Mass." Watch the video here. Lead single "Capitol Spill" can be streamed at this location.
Third Ion is the product of a mutual love of prog, video games, and science. The debut album will contain eight to ten songs, including the title track which is written entirely in 13/8 time signature. 8-Bit musical renditions of every song will be released as well, to pay homage to their 1980s classic gaming inspirations.

You can read an review I did about the lead single Capitol Spill here.

Official website

Lvcifyre release official video for "Sun Eater"

London blackened death metallers Lvcifyre have just released the official video for "Sun Eater." Check it out right here.

Svn Eater, the new long player from Lvcifyre, is now available worldwide through Dark Descent Records. The follow-up to 2011's The Calling Depths has been met with enthusiastic praise from reviewers, with CvltNation calling the album "a forceful battering ram of death metal."

Svn Eater is available on CD, red vinyl and black vinyl. Two different t-shirt designs are also being offered to commemorate the album's release. To order, visit this link.

The album is also available as a digital download here.


Metal Mercy - "The Unborn Child" officially released

The album Metal Mercy – „The Unborn Child" was officially released. The album is now available as CD and digital download.

Buy CD here
Buy digital download here

ToJa announce new bass player

Pure Rock Records Artist, ToJa are very pleased to announce Mr. B(W)illy Limpert, as new bass player and member. First rehearsals were great. Welcome to the club ...

In Aevum Agere - "Limbus Animae" - vinyl edition - officially released

The new album In Aevum Agere – „Limbus Animae" was officially released. The album is now available as vinyl and digital download. The limited vinyl edition consists of 300 pieces (black) and printed insert.

Buy LP here
Buy digital download here

You can check an interview I did with In Aevum Agere here.


Warrant "Metal Bridge" - limited vinyl edition - cover, tracklist, release date: 16th January 2015

The release date of the Warrant album "Metal Bridge" on vinyl is January 16th 2015. The limited vinyl edition consists 300 pieces with gatefold on black vinyl. The preorder phase will start on January 2nd 2015 in the webshop of Pure Steel Records.

Warrant is well known to all fans of German speed metal since the early 80s. With "First strike" and their one and only album "The enforcer" two classics exist. Who won't remember Songs like "Satan", "The Enforcer", "The Rack" or "Nuns have no fun"? After the CD release in October follows the album "Metal Bridge" in a limited edition of 300 copies with gatefold on black vinyl.

After the rerelease of their complete old recordings on Pure Steel Records the band went into the studio again and "Metal Bridge" is the result and first album since nearly 30 years.

Of course we don't have the 80s anymore but Warrant play heavy metal with a lot of influences from that time, so you will have the old Warrant but also some hints of Metallica or even some light thrash parts. The new recordings of "Ordeal of death" and "The enforcer" are the connection between the beginnings and today.

Only vocalist and bassist Jörg Juraschek is left after all these years, but his aim is to keep Warrant where they had been: at the top of German speed and heavy metal!

Warrant 2014....... Metal Bridge..... New Wave Of All Heavy Metal

Side A
1. Intro
2. Asylum
3. Come And Get It
Side B
4. You Keep Me In Hell
5. Blood In The Sky
6. Face The Death
7. All The Kings Horses
Side C
1. Nyctophobia
2. Helium Head
3. Don't Get Mad Get Even
4. Eat Me Alive
Side D
5. Immortal
6. Ordeal Of Death 2014
7. The Enforcer 2014
8. Labyrinth Of The Lost
Total Playing Time: 65:42 min

Joerg Juraschek – vocals, bass
Dirk Preylowski – guitars
Thomas Rosemann – drums

Buy here

You can check an interview I did with Warrant here.


Steel Prophet - "Into the Void/Continuum" - vinyl edition - officially released

The album Steel Prophet – „Into The Void/Continuum" was officially released. The album is now available as vinyl and CD. The limited vinyl edition consists of 500 pieces (150 blue; 350 black) and Gatefold. As a special bonus the blue vinyls got an additional metal pin.

Buy blue LP here
Buy black LP here
Buy CD here


Sacral Rage signs at Cruz Del Sur

Welcome on board to one of the most interesting European young bands, Sacral Rage from Greece!
After their 2013 debut EP “Deadly Bits of Iron Fragments”, Sacral Rage returns in 2015 with their first full length release “Illusions in Infinite Void” to be released in late March by Cruz Del Sur Music in compact disc and digital and by Underground Power in vinyl.
Bits of this monumental piece of “80s Texas Metal” (in the likes of Watchtower, S.A. Slayer etc.) can be heard on the demo-advance the band released in 2014, a release that made lovers of this style shake and secured the band a place on the next Keep It True festival line up.

Killers' albums now also on vinyl

Metal Mind Productions is proud to present exclusive vinyl release of three albums by the heavy metal band Killers, led by Iron Maiden’s ex-vocalist – Paul Di’Anno. Coming together in 1991, Killers was one of the first metal super groups to exist. Featuring members of Iron Maiden, Tank, Raven, and Battlezone, they were hailed by the press as the "Natural successor to Judas Priest".

Killers’ vinyls will be available in the colours of the British flag: blue (“Murder One”), white ("Menace To Society”) and red (“South American Assault”).

Cliff Evans, guitarist comments: “We’re really excited about the upcoming vinyl releases of the three Killers albums we made back in the early 90’s. They were all recorded on 24 track analog tape machines so it will be great to hear those records again on the original format they were designed for. There’s no doubt that vinyl does have a superior sound quality over the digital CD, especially when listening to rock and metal. ‘Murder One’ was recorded at the legendary Power Station studios in New York and was produced by Rob Fraboni who had previously worked with The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton among others. He captured one of Paul Dianno’s best vocal performances and the power of the band can really be best heard coming out of the grooves of a vinyl analog record. There’s also the satisfaction of holding the album in your hands and studying the liner notes and artwork. It’s not surprising that the vinyl album is making a comeback.
Can’t wait to get my hands on them.”

Killer’s vinyls are set for release on December, 2nd. All albums are also available in exclusive digipak CDs edition released by Metal Mind Productions in 2013.

Killers “Murder One”

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. no.: MASS LP 1477 B
Barcode: 5907785038493
Format: LP (blue vinyl)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release date: 02.12.2012


Side A:
1. Impaler
2. The Beast Arises
3. Children Of The Revolution
4. S & M
5. Takin' No Prisoners

Side B:
6. Marshall Lokjaw
7. Protector
8. Dream Keeper
9. Awakening
10. Remember Tomorrow

Killers “Menace To Society”

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. no.: MASS LP 1478 W
Barcode: 5907785038509
Format: LP (white vinyl)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release date: 01.12.2014 Europe / 02.12.2014 USA


Side A:
1. Advance And Be Recognized
2. Die By The Gun
3. Menace To Society
4. ?
5. Think Brutal
6. Past Due
7. Faith Healer

Side B:
8. Chemical Imbalance
9. A Song For You
10. Three Words
11. Conscience
12. City Of Fools

Killers “South American Assault”

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. no.: MASS LP 1479 R
Barcode: 5907785038516
Format: LP (red vinyl)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release date: 01.12.2014 Europe / 02.12.2014 USA


Side A:
1. Overloaded
2. Murders in the Rue Morgue
3. Wrathchild
4. Remember Tomorrow
5. Children of Madness
6. Phantom of the Opera

Side B:
1. Metal Tears
2. Strange World
3. Sanctuary
4. Running Free
5. The Promise
6. We Will Rock You/Smoke on the Water

Ambient black metal band Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus release official video, entering final production stages on new album

U.S. based ambient black metal band Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus released their first official music video entitled 'Anhedonia', the track is taken from the band's debut full length album "Synkkä Tuuli".

The video can be viewed here.

Inspired by founder Mika Mage's Finnish heritage, the band showcases ambient black metal visuals and atmospheres. Cold, grim, strangely uplifting and forged out of the icy wilderness of the north, Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus are masters of melancholy.

Synkkä Tuuli was released in 2013 on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and is available for purchase as a digital download on the band's bandcamp page & as a Jewel Case CD on the labels website.

Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus latest release the "Väinämöinen" EP was released in September 2013 by Infernal Kommando Records on cassette and is also available as a free download on the band's bandcamp page. "Väinämöinen" features a guest appearance by up and coming progressive death metal act Black Crown Initiate's James Dorton on vocals as well as other session members.

With a new configuration of session members at the ready Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus have been hard at work on their next as of yet untitled full length album and are now in the final phases of production on the release. The album will be based on the Finnish national epic 'The Kalevala'. More details and release date will be revealed in the near future.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New video from Suchthaus, Mayhem's Hellhammer joins band as full-time member

"I Have Decided to Follow Jesus", a new video from Suchthaus, the band formed by sculptor Spacebrain, and for whom imagery is an integral aspect of their music, has just been released. Featured in the video are Spacebrain's daughter and her boyfriend, along with Petter Pogo, the bass player with one of Norway's most popular pop bands Jokke And Valentinerne, as well as Suchthaus members Fruen and Ingvar, and Spacebrain himself . Filmed entirely in the hallway of Spacebrain's home in Oslo, the video gives a claustrophobic and disturbing view of religion. "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" can be seen here.

Work is nearing completion on Suchthaus' sophomore album "Motorbrain", which, according to the band, is a pure metal album, but one that focuses on different nuances within the genre. Drums on the album are by Mayhem's Hellhammer, who originally contributed as a session drummer, but has now joined Spacebrain (vocals and bass), co-founder Fruen (vocals and guitars), Ingvar (guitars) and AD/HD (bass) as a full-time member of the band. Currently undergoing mastering, "Motorbrain", which includes a guest appearance by Shining's Niklas Kvarforth, will be released on Suchthaus' own label Rollabigone on a date as yet to be announced. .

German born Spacebrain, who has lived in Norway for many years, is known not only for his sculptures, but also for his iconic stage sets for bands such as Mayhem, recently decided to move his workshop to France so that he could once again work on his sculpting. "It is prohibitively expensive to buy or rent a space in Norway large enough to house a workshop, especially for the size of some of the sculptures I produce, so we found a farm off the beaten track in Brittany, where I can once again find the peace and energy I need for my art. We will still be living in Norway, so Suchthaus will not be affected, but we will be travelling to Brittany regularly, and spending most of the summers there. The place needs a fair amount of work on it, but it's just the kind of place I need to kick start my sculpting again". Examples of Spacebrain's art can be seen here.

Suchthaus' music is not easily categorised, in fact, it's impossible to pigeon hole it, which is exactly how the band wants it, because it gives them free rein to create whatever kind of music they want, without being hobbled by preconceptions and genre restrictions. The band's debut album "The Dark Side and the Bright Side", which included collaborations from musicians such Maniac (Skitliv, ex-Mayhem), Current 93’s David Tibet, Fredrik A. Juell (Burning Rubber, Berserk Bastards) and singer Sibob Jawara was a clear illustration of how eclectic the band really is. As far as "Motorbrain's" "metal" orientation goes, it's not likely to be a direction that the band has any intention of following in the future. As Spacebrain says " I feel this is our contribution to metal, the next album has to be different as this darkness is twisting my mind. Maybe a hippie project would be more kind to my soul?"

Official website

Seattle heavy metal warriors Zero Down release 'No Limit to the Evil' teaser video

Seattle trad-metallers Zero Down have released a teaser video for the title track from No Limit to the Evil. Check it out here.

No Limit to the Evil will be released December 15 on Minotauro Records. After releasing their last CD independently, Zero Down is now set and excited to release their next ripper on Minotauro Records. Once again the band will be reuniting with Martin Feveyear (Qotsa, Screaming Trees, Duff McKeagan's Loaded, etc) at Jupiter Studios in Seattle to lay down this beast and packaging will include artwork by the master of metal art, Ed Repka (Megadeth, 3 Inches Of Blood, Death, Misfits, etc). This new opus will feature ten new cuts and sure to be Minotauro's heaviest release to date so scream for me motherfuckers!

1 Return of the Godz
2 No Limit to the Evil
3 Devils Thorn
4 Cold Winters Night
5 Leche di Tigre
6 Phantom Host
7 Suicide Girl
8 Steve McQueen
9 Two Ton Hammer
10 Black Rhino


Inquisition release full catalogue exclusively via Season of Mist‏

American black metallers Inquisition are announcing the reissue of their full album catalogue exclusively via Season of Mist and provide a provisional time-line.

Please note that only the releases via Season of Mist are official. Every other edition is nothing but a bootleg and theft against the artist. The only notable exception are the official US issues of 'Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult' and 'Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm' by American label Hells Headbangers Records. These will be replaced by Season of Mist editions at a later point in time.

A list of all Inquisition re-issues by Season of Mist and their confirmed or tentative release dates can be found below:

The reissue of Inquisition's cult debut album 'Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult', which was originally released in 1998 has already been announced. The underground classic will be available on January 26th, 2015.

All reissues will come with new artwork by the renowned artist Paolo Girardi, who already created the cover art for Inquisition's latest album 'Obscure Verses For The Multiverse' (2013). The original artwork will be each time included as well. Girardi's covers are part of an overarching concept and should be seen in conjunction. More details about his mysterious work will be revealed with the final re-release.

'Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult' is already available for pre-order on the Season of Mist shop. The album will come in various formats including strictly limited leather sleeves!

Inquisition are now revealing the new artwork of their sophomore full-length 'Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan' by Paolo Girardi, which can be viewed above. Again, the original artwork will also be included in the booklet.

The release date for the reissue has been scheduled to the 23rd of February 2015.

Pre-orders will start in December on the Season of Mist shop.

The remaining three Inquisition reissues have been preliminarily scheduled as follows:

'Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer' (2004)
March 2015

'Nefarious Dismal Orations' (2007)
April 2015

'Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm' (2011)
April 2015


Nervochaos debut new track from 'The Art Of Vengeance'

Brazilian old-school death-thrashers Nervochaos have debuted a new track from upcoming album The Art of Vengeance. "For Passion Not Fashion" is now streaming exclusively at this location, courtesy of Zero Tolerance Magazine.

Nervochaos will release The Art of Vengeance - the band's sixth full-length
- on December 1 in the UK and December 9 in North America via Greyhaze Records.

The band's most varied and devastating release to date, The Art of Vengeance blends elements of traditional death, bonecrushing doom, punk and thrash for results that are both destructive and addicting. The first pressing of the album also includes a bonus DVD featuring a documentation of the band's latest tour.

To pre-order The Art of Vengeance, visit this link.

The Harvest
For Passion Not Fashion
The Devil's Work
From Below and Not Above
Blood Ritual
Rotten Moralismo
Shadows of Destruction
Ghost of the Past
What is Dead May Never Die
The Legacy is Pain

Official website

Snowy Shaw to headline Sabaton Open Air

Snowy Shaw has just issued the following statement :

"I'm proud to announce that together with my namesake band Snowy Shaw, I will play an exclusive show at Sabaton Open Air, Falun on Friday 14th Augustus 2015. As one of the headliners, we'll be closing Friday Night.

Due to delays caused by the massive workload in connection to the new critically acclaimed Live DVD/CD Box - "The Liveshow: 25 Years Of Madness In The Name Of Metal", I've decided to lock myself into the studio during 2015 to record all my new music and albums and won't be doing any other summer festival shows or gigs up until then. So it's the world premier for the new bombastic stage show. Besides a few old classics and monster hits, we'll be playing some brand new yet unheard material + a few surprises and guests."

Expect the unexpected !"

Full Sabaton Open Air details

"The Liveshow" video trailer
"FIRE" video

Official website

Grumpynators signs with Target Records

Target Records is proud to announce a worldwide record deal with Grumpynators!

Grumpynators is a new music phenomenon - motorbilly - a mix of hard rock, metal & rockabilly. One of the key elements is double bass, which makes both the looks and sounds special.

After forming in 2011, the band has played at smaller festivals and clubs around Denmark. In 2012 Grumpynators joined the first half of famous danish rockers Magtens Korridorer’s spring tour. in 2013. The tour was followed up playing support on Volbeat's "First 5 Tour" at 5 venues in Denmark, with great success.

In december 2011, a demo EP with 5 songs was released (available online). In february 2013 the next EP "666 RPM" was released.

Grumpynators debutalbum will be released February 9th 2015 in Denmark - and it will be released in the rest of the world in april 2015.

Jakob and Emil has previously played together in the rockabilly band Taggy Tones.
Jakob also appears on the latest 2 successful Volbeat albums, playing double bass on the two radio hit songs "16 Dollars" and "Lonesome Rider". Jakob also makes guest appearances live with the songs. Christian has previously toured with Volbeat as acoustic guitarist and guitar technician, while Per comes from the 90's heavy metal band Jackal.

Inspirations are: Motorhead, AC/DC, Social Distortion, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Volbeat, Ramones, Nekromantix and a hell of a lot more!

Grumpynators are:
Emil Øelund - vocal and guitar
Per Fisker - drums and vocal
Jakob Øelund - double bass
Christian Nørgaard - lead guitar


Sexcrement releases free digital EP / Unleashes Scandalous new video

Boston death groove perverts Sexcrement have a bad habit of delivering a devastating blend of sleaze and brutality. They have spared no expense with their latest platter of perversion XXX Bargain Bin Vol 2, which is now available for free download/streaming on their Bandcamp page .

XXX Bargain Bin Vol 2 contains originals and covers with some surprises to boot: a searing version of Alice In Chains' "We Die Young" with guest shred from Revocation's Dave Davidson, and an epically heavy take on the Pat Benatar classic "Heartbreaker" done duet style with Mallika Sundaramurthy (Abnormality/Parasitic Extirpation) to help round things out. The band is offering the collection of new recordings as a palette cleanser for their third full length of debutant sonic fury to be released at the end of 2015.

In commemoration of the EP's release, the band in cahoots with underground filmmaker Victor Bonacore have unveiled a video for the first single "Salt Peter," which is now up for viewing at this location. In just shy of 10 minutes you are taken to a world of depravity, filth, camp, scandal and heaviness that will scramble your brain for the next week. The video (their second with Bonacore) even has some well disguised cameos from members of Job For A Cowboy and Revocation to keepit interesting - see if you can spot them. It serves as a great initiation into the wild world of Sexcrement, and anyone who is familiar with their brand of hijinks will feel right at home as well.

Salt Peter
We Die Young [Alice in Chains cover]
Heartbreaker [Pat Benatar cover]


Legion Of Andromeda to release debut album, recorded with Steve Albini

Today, At War With False Noise and Unholy Anarchy announce February 20th, 2015 as the international release date for Legion of Andromeda's debut album, Iron Scorn. Conceived, constructed, and assembled in 2012 by the demented minds of -M- (axe/machinery: Japanese) and -R- (vokills: Italian) and lurking within the inhuman megalopolis of Tokyo, Legion of Andromeda is blessed by the will of total war.

Sculpted in reiteration, repetition, and cyclical rotation, Legion of Andromeda’s impenetrable cacophony outbursts the breath of cosmic frost: raw, minimal, brutal; primitive, obtuse, barbaric. Albeit genuinely inspired by such diverse acts as Big Black, Suicide, Godflesh, Ildjarn, Swans, Khanate, VON, and Pan Sonic, among others, the band have crafted a totally original and unique sound.

The duo’s first offering, released in November 2013 and quickly sold out within a few months, was a four-track/32-minute self-titled demo comprising total aural disintegration, and was recorded, mixed, and mastered in August 2013 by Shigenori Kobayashi (Coffins/Sete Star Sept) at Noise Room Studio in Tokyo for maximum audial displeasure. While being favorably reviewed on several underground webzines such The Obelisk, The Sleeping Shaman, Black Metal And Brews, and personally handpicked by none other than Kim Kelly who featured it on her own Necrolust Zine and in Decibel magazine, the demo was distributed by Obliteration Records in Japan, At War With False Noise in the EU, and Aquarius Records in the US.

In July 2014, Legion of Andromeda recorded their first proper full-length with the legendary Steve Albini (Neurosis/High On Fire/Nirvana) at his own Electrical Audio in Chicago. Titled Iron Scorn, the album is colossal, punishing, and devastating in terms of production, dynamics, and sound. Albini’s extraordinary engineering skills and unique genius brought to life a real monster, a huge sonic crusher of devastating proportions. The record, mastered by John Golden (Melvins/Om/Sleep/), will be released on February 20th, 2015 on vinyl format only by At War With False Noise in the EU and Unholy Anarchy in the US. On the artwork side, the insanely talented Tony Roberts (Conan/Electric Wizard/Unearthly Trance) provided visual aggression to the album. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Legion of Andromeda's Iron Scorn
1. Transuranic Ejaculation (05:43)
2. Cosmo Hammer (06:21)
3. Overlord Of Thunder (06:01)
4. Scourge Of Pestilence (04:04)
5. Sociopathic Infestation (07:30)
6. Aim At The Starless Sky (06:13)
7. Fist Of Hammurabi (07:03)

Live to hate. Cosmo Hammer Master Of The Universe.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Metal Machine - Free Nation review

Csaba Zvekan has a new band. Now he is the mastermind behind Metal Machine. Nice heavy metal is what they play. Their debut album Free Nation is now released.

Powerful bass, good guitar riffing and vocals you don't hear often. That's what you can expect of Free Nation by Metal Machine. Nine songs with an total length of 47 minutes. Heavy metal in the best way you can think of. Csaba Zvekan has an enormous vocal range and his high pitch screams will definitely getting loved by Judas Priest fans. This album is aggressive, powerful but still melodic. Metal Machine can become really big if they want to, in my opinion. This is heavy metal in an seriously very good way.

Heavy metal fan? You love high pitch screams? Go listen to Free Nation by Metal Machine. This is some stuff for you!


Ne Obliviscaris breaking records on tour in Australia

Australia's dark progressive metal visionaries Ne Obliviscaris are taking their home continent by storm. Their new album 'Citadel' entered at #42 on Australia's top 50 charts and #12 on the Australian Artist Album chart category, where the band was positioned alongside international recording artists such as Foo Fighters, Slipknot, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and more.

Regarding their charting, Ne Obliviscaris commented: "When you play in a band like ours and release an album like 'Citadel', charting in the mainstream pop charts is not something you ever really consider so this is a bit surreal to us. A massive thank you to all our Australian fans for your support and buying our new album!"

Ne Obliviscaris continue to break records on their ongoing Down Under tour with label mates Beyond Creation. Over 700 tickets were sold for their show at 170 Russell in Melbourne, which is the largest turnout for an Australian metal band in at least a decade, cementing their status as their country's biggest band in the extreme music genre. The band filmed a small video with impressions from Melbourne, which can be viewed here.

All remaining tour dates are listed below.

26 Nov 14 Canberra (AU) The Basement
27 Nov 14 Sydney (AU) The Bald Faced Stag
28 Nov 14 Newcastle (AU) The Cambridge
29 Nov 14 Brisbane (AU) The Brightside

06 Dec 14 Perth (AU) Amplifier Bar (without Beyond Creation)

Ne Obliviscaris have already been confirmed for the prestigious Hellfest in Clisson, France on June 19th to 21st 2015 and more shows worlwide are currently being planned.


Pact change name to Pact Infernal, prepare third Moribund album

Today, Moribund Records recording artists Pact - who've released two critically acclaimed albums through the label, 2012's The Dragon Lineage of Satan and this year's The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating the Threshold of Night - have announced a name-change to Pact Infernal. A statement from the band reads: "Pact will now be going by the name Pact Infernal to help usher in a new era of darkness and death. Antithesis will be handling the vocal duties, and session/live guitarist Dirge has joined Wretch and T as a full member of the band. Over the next several months, Pact Infernal will be taking a break from live appearances to put all their energies into writing and recording their third album, which is now deep in the works to be released on Moribund Records.The band also promises this to be their most hate-fueled and aggressive album to date. There will be hell to pay!"


Monday, November 24, 2014

Void Ritual - Holodomor review

Void Ritual is a one man project from Daniel Jackson. Now he has an new EP released. It is called Holodomor. In the press release it stated that this EP is meant uglier and more miserable than his other musical pursuits. I don't know his other musical pursuits, but ugly and miserable it is for sure. I couldn't listen to this. This is music that gives you instant headache. You will be sick of it.

As I haven't really listened to it, only thing I can say is that Holodomor contains 4 tracks and after almost 22 minutes you have listened it all.

You want to try this music? Go listen to it. It is not my thing, maybe yours it is.

Thrash Bombz - Dawn review

Four guys, Giuseppe "UR" Peri on rhythm guitar, Salvatore "Skizzo" Li Causi on lead guitar, Angelo "Destruktor" Bissanti on bass and vox, Vincenzo "Vihol" Lombardi on drums. Together they are Thrash Bombz and they play, look at the name, thrash metal. They hail from Italy and formed in 2007. In 2012 they released an demo called Sicilian Way of Thrash, in 2013 an EP called Mission of Blood and in september 2014 they have released their newest release called Dawn.

Dawn contains an intro and 5 tracks with a total length of 21 minutes. This is some very good thrash metal music. It is loud and fast, as thrash must be. The vocals go from raw, fast shouting to a high sort of screaming. The guitarists are also doing a perfect job. They play their guitars in a solid way with a lot of solo's through the release. This is some thrash you won't easily forget.

You are a thrash metal fan? Go listen to Dawn by Thrash Bombz. This is some very nice music you will love!