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Thursday, October 30, 2014

More bands announced for Obscene Extreme 2015

No need for big words. We are very glad an Austrian legend is coming back. Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench.

The day Pungent Stench disbanded in 2007 marked the loss of one of death 
metal's most unique originators...and the calls for a reunion have not 
ceased ever since.

Although dissappointed by the sudden split, founding member 
singer/guitarist Martin „El Cochino“ Schirenc continued to release music 
and play concerts with various other projects, before he finally agreed 
to attend a Pungent Stench tribute show in Istanbul, where he played 
several songs from his former band under the moniker „The Church of 
Pungent Stench“. Supported by Mike Gröger (Hollenthon) on drums, as well 
as Hakan Nurcanlı (Art Diktator) on bass, this 2011 concert was a huge 
success. Subsequently, Schirenc received numerous offers from various 
promoters to also bring this show to other cities.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Schirenc finally agreed to take „The Church of 
Pungent Stench“ on the road to grace stages worldwide. The new line up 
continued to feature Mike on drums, but also introduced a new bass 
player, Danny Vacuum, known for his involvement with bands like Genocide 
S.S., Necrony, and The Accidents. The first show took place at the 
Eindhoven Metal Meeting and only marked the beginning of a successful 
series of appearances at the biggest festivals in Europe (Graspop Metal 
Meeting, Hellfest, Brutal Assault, Bang Your Head, Barroselas Metalfest, 
Neurotic Deathfest) and the USA (Maryland Deathfest, 70.000 Tons of Metal).

Due to a legal dispute, the band was forced to change it’s name and is 
now touring as „Schirenc plays Pungent Stench“. However, the mission 
remains the same: bringing the music of Austria’s sickest band back to 
life and keeping the flame burning by refusing to praise the ashes!!!

Check an live-video here

Death metal legend Centinex from Sweden to come back to OEF after 12 years. 

It is a year after year repeated cliche but also virtually a certainty. Obscene Extreme Festival in connection with Swedish death metal is an evergreen. There is another special squad for the upcoming volume. Centinex! A band that called it a day in 2006 to start again in January 2014 which is not as important as the year of origin – 1990!!!

Old school Swedish death metal! A couple of words that are able to get true fans pretty excited. Be assured Centinex are more than the right guys as those in the line-up have gone through or are members of bands like Demonical, Uncanny or Interment. D.e.a.t.h. M.e.t.a.l.!!!

One of the essential hardcore bands of the English scene – Satanic Malfunctions.

The return of a legend – Satanic Malfunctions. Legendary band from Scarborough, England is back. Formed at the end of 80`s they played noisy hardcore/thrashcore mosh in the vein of Siege, Heresy, Lärm or Cryptic Slaughter with melodic punk songs á la Active Minds and political or animal rights lyrics.

This is a piece of history of British hardcorepunk that inspired an array of bands from all around the world. Having a new (rejuvenated) line-up they have been torturing the ears of all true, old and young fans since some time. It will be their first performance at Obscene Extreme 2015 however!!!

Death metal plague spreading to Trutnov. Broken Hope.

A putrid blast of air means that a nightmare burried a long time ago is coming near, black plague that has been recalled to life in the swamp of eternally decaying guts. Yes, merciless, heavyweight machine called Broken Hope from Illinois is rushing to grind your brains. Hibernated for a long time they are back with a new record Omen of Disease, organic brutal death metal mixed with a fair portion of sickness that is even more destroying than on their great album Loathing or extremely raw debut Swamped in Gore from 1991. And these are the albums that have become unqestionably the classics of brutal death metal genre.

So be looking forward to this mutated monster to smash not only your ear canals and to fucking kick your ass but also to open a new dimension of fear and perversity in your mind as a bonus. Do not forget all your hopes will be drowned in the mud of Trutnov Battlefieled at OEF 2015!!!

Blood with a special "Impulse To Destroy" set for OEF 2015. 

Legendary German grindcore squad being around since almost 30 years to perform at OEF 2015 in a bit different way. After by now classical and cult sets at Obscene Extreme (2000, 2004 a 2012) it will be with the original singer Martin „Chicken-Witchskinner“ for the first time and Blood will play a special „Impulse To Destroy“ set!!!

Yes, it is true. Their big debut LP from 1989! History and Blood! A band that belongs long-since to the legends like Agathocles, Impetigo, Dead Infection or Psycho. Obscene Extreme 2015!!!

July 8 - 12, 2015
Trutnov - Battlefield
Czech Republic

Official website

Facebook Event

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