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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hate Eternal announce new drummer

Hate Eternal have announced Chason Westmoreland as their new drummer. The native of Las Vegas, USA has already laid down drum tracks for the band's forthcoming new album, which title and release date are yet to be announced. Westmoreland will also be joining the band on their ensueing tour cycle, which is scheduled to begin in spring 2015.

Twenty-five year old Chason Westmoreland has been behind the drum kit since the tender age of five, and internationally touring with renowned acts such as Fallujah, Burning The Masses, Enfold Darkness, and Oceano. Recent tour footage of the new Hate Eternal sticksman can be viewed here, while a collage of fresh behind-the-scenes studio footage and further details can be found at

Hate Eternal founder and principal member Erik Rutan (guitar, vocals) comments on Westmoreland joining the band: "Chason is such an amazing talent and a very determined guy. He came down to try out in June and literally blew us away! We bonded instantly musically and personally, and JJ and I knew he was the right guy and drummer for Hate Eternal. Chason has a high motor, hits hard, plays fast and is a very diverse and dynamic player. The drums on this album have a very primal and visceral feel to them and I think he did a tremendous job on the recording. I cannot wait for us to get on tour and deliver the goods!"

Westmoreland states on joining the band and his contribution to the new album: "I am extremely honored to join Hate Eternal. The new material is very challenging and has a lot going on. I put everything I had into this album and I'm very excited about the results. I cannot wait to see what the future holds and get on the road with our new album!"

Recently signed to Season of Mist, Hate Eternal have been one of the leading death metal acts worldwide for over eighteen years. The band's five full-length albums are considered crucial genre touchstones, and Hate Eternal are a proven headliner across five continents.

Erik Rutan and bassist/vocalist J.J. Hrubovcak are still holed up in the bandleader's Mana Recording Studio (Cannibal Corpse, Mountain Goats, Goatwhore) and hard at work at the new Hate Eternal album, which is tentatively scheduled for early 2015.

Regarding the recording and the signing Rutan commented: "We are ecstatic about how the recording for our new album has been coming out so far, and our new label and home Season of Mist. We've worked very hard on crafting these songs to reflect our path, from our past to the present, and the journey of Hate Eternal and its members. Writing this album was a long and arduous process. It took a tremendous amount of determination, blood, and sweat to bring this all to fruition. We're super proud of what we've accomplished creatively, and excited at the prospect of releasing what we feel is our most powerful Hate Eternal material to date. Now it is time to bring this all to life! The recording process so far has been fantastic. I've never felt so focused and determined on a Hate Eternal record, and I know that this will be an album our listeners and supporters will truly appreciate. It represents an important milestone for me personally since 15 years ago both Hate Eternal began recording its first album and Mana Recording Studios was born. We have so much more news to share with you over the coming months. We cannot wait for you to hear this album!"

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