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Sunday, October 12, 2014

HaatE/Chiral - Where Mountains Pierce The Nightsky review

Two bands. Both from Italy, both one-man bands. Their names? HaatE and Chiral. Now they are 
going to release a split called Where Mountains Pierce The Nightsky. HaatE plays dark/black ambient and has already released ...As The Moon Painted Her Grief, also this year. Chiral plays elite black metal and already released an demo, called Winter Eternal, and an EP, called Abisso, earlier this year.

Where Mountains Pierce The Nightsky contains 4 tracks with an total length of 51 minutes. First three tracks are from HaatE, while the last track is from Chiral. But don't think this is unfair on a split, because the Chiral track has an length of 20 minutes, so nothing is unfair. The tracks from HaatE are very dark, sometimes dreamy, but most of times it is both, which can make it very scary. So listen to this music on year headphones in a very dark room and you will dream away, scare the shit out yourself or maybe both. This music could be the soundtrack of walking on a graveyard with the feeling that something can happen every moment. The 20-minute long track of Chiral has also his ambient parts and his more heavier parts. This song also has an very dark, scary touch. When you listen to this song you hear some dreamy moments, but you hear also very fast black metal with scary, evil screams.

Never heard of these bands? Go check them out, they are worth your time and you'll love it!

You can check an interview I did with Chiral along with my review of Abisso by Chiral here.

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