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Saturday, September 27, 2014

United States black metal band Isenblast release debut EP

This past August 7th United States black metal band Isenblast released their debut EP entitled "Unleashing the Demon Scourge" on the In Satan's Custody Label. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan Isenblast play a first wave style of black metal with early death metal influences resulting in a chaotic sound. "Unleashing the Demon Scourge" includes four tracks in all with a running time of just over twenty minutes.

With two demos previously released since forming in 2009 and now a new full length album in production, Isenblast will continue delivering black metal to the Rock City for the foreseeable future.

A promotional video for the track "A Fire of Knowledge and Power" can be seen here:

 1. A Fire of Knowledge and Power

2. Unleashing the Demon Scourge

3. Nocturnal Offering

4. Seven Gates

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