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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tyrant's Kall debut gets vinyl release courtesy of Witches Brew

Belgium doom / death metal band Tyrant's Kall are set to re-release their debut album, "Dagon", this thursday September 18th, 2014 on the German metal label Witches Brew. "Dagon" will be re-released on 12" vinyl and includes a new layout design & a never before released bonus track "The Whisperer". Inspired by the literary works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft and mixing doom metal, old school Swedish death metal with some slight thrash metal, 70's rock influences scattered in & a unique vocal approach Tyrant's Kall creates a distinctive metal sound. "Dagon" is now available for pre-order at the Witches Brew webstore:

In the coming weeks Tyrant's Kall will enter Hearse Studio to begin recording their second full length album, a release date is not known at this time.

A promotional video for the album can be seen here:

Side Witches:
1. The Call Of The Tyrant
2. Ia Cthulhu
3. Dagon
4. Mankind's Damnation
Side Brew:
5. Slimy Existence
6. Shrieks
7. The Swamps
8. The Whisperer (bonus track)

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