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Monday, September 22, 2014

The End - White Lotus review

The End, it's a one-man experimental post-black metal/rawgaze band hailing from Kalyan, India. The man behind this really good band calls himself Svartblod. The End already did make an demo and several split albums and now their second album White Lotus is released and it is truely a masterpiece.

White Lotus contains four tracks and has an total length of 18 minutes. This release is very nice. It has its dreamy more ambient parts, but also more heavier, more black metal parts, while sometimes it's combined together. About the vocals, there are sometimes pure, raw, hellish screams, but there are also clean vocals which are very dreamy. This is music you have to take your time for. It's worth the time! The combining of all those very different parts of music is very unique and very experimental but it fits completely.

Because of the fact that there are a lot of bands called The End, this band has changed its name to Désenchantée.

So, you like very experimental black metal music? Go check out White Lotus from The End and go look out for more from Désenchantée

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