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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monumentomb - Ritual Exhumation review

Monumentomb, the new death metal sensation of 2014. The line-up is guitarists Byron Braidwood and Gaius Toulson, while Byron also does the vocals, Nathan Hammond on bass and drummer Lee Charlton. Now they have released their debut EP Ritual Exhumation on Metal Music Austria.

Ritual Exhumation contains an intro and 5 songs with an total length of 28 minutes. Those 28 minutes are going fast when you listen to this brutal heavy load of music. Nice guitars, blasting drums and low growls are coming at you as a huge storm. This could be the next great death metal band. So, when you have never heard of Monumentomb, go check them out, because then you can say "I knew them from the beginning", when they are one of the greatest death metal bands.

So, death metal is your thing? Go check out Monumentomb, this is some nice music.

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