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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Keitzer - The Last Defence review

Hailing from Germany, here is the death metal/ grindcore act of 2014. They are called Keitzer. The line-up is Tim Terhechte on drums, Michael Dölle and Nicolai Hinse on guitars, Christian Chaco on vocals and Simon Venig on bass. They already released some albums, and now their latest full-length is released on July 18th, 2014. It is called The Last Defence.

The Last Defence has 14 songs on it with an total length of 37 minutes. And, yeah, I got to say, those 37 minutes will blow you away. This is some heavy fuckin' blastbeating death metal/grindcore that you feel in your whole body, it goes straight to your bones and it will almost drill them out of your body. Keitzer know how to make some good metal. It is fast, heavy and you enjoy it most when you listen it out loud, very loud. So let your whole neighborhood get to know Keitzer. Turn the volume up to the max and blow them away.

Grindcore/death metal is something you like? Make sure you don't miss this release. You will love The Last Defence by Keitzer!

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