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Monday, September 29, 2014

Interview Warrant

You're Warrant. Could you tell something about the history of the band?

We started in the year of 1983 being school friends.
Thomas Klein, Lothar Wieners and me.
We wanted to play heavy rock music like Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Kiss, AC DC but more fast and hard.
Me I was a big big Sweet fan and I prefered songs with a real good hookline.
So we mixed it all together and we started with songs like Ready to command and Satan.
Playing in the cellar of my parents (they were really fucked up).
We played horrible but we had a few good songs. Also we loved Demon and the song “Night of the demon”.
It was our first cover (and our last).
First we played with two guitars and without a bass. After several rehearsals we realized that something was missing. A deep and pressure sound (ha ha).
So I was the one to play bass. Someone had to do the job.
Then we were looking for a singer. After two guys playing in the band but without the aggressive style I did the job again.
Maybe this was the birth of Warrant like you know today.
After recording a demo with good songs but still playing bad a fan sended the demo to Noise Records and two other labels.
Karl Ullrich Walterbach came to Düsseldorf. He was the fastest and we signed a deal that was no deal  (ha ha).
But two month later we were happy to live in Berlin and to record “First Strike”.     

You've waited 30 years to come back. Why so long?

Oh this can be a too long story. It´s simple but also tragic.
After the “Enforcer” album we thought that we have to play other kind of metal.
This was a big big mistake because we lost our trademark.
Then we were searching for a new style and then we had to find back the right way.
In the middle of the 30 years I thought I have to be a singer without bass.
A next big mistake. I realized that my destiny is to sing and to play the bass.
After going back this way we started again with a reunion show.
This was so much fun that Warrant played more shows the next years.
Then after several shows the last 15 years you realize that there can be more. My heart was burning to write new songs.
But there always was a conflict. 30 years with listening music, with influences of all kinds of stuff.
How will the songs sound. I decided to write songs directly coming from my heart without looking in the past or in the present of metal music.
The kind of songs and how it started with writing the new songs was like in 1984/85.
It was easy to fix new songs and I knew that this could be the right way.

What did changed for being a musician now and 30 years ago?

Many many more bands in the scene and many more different styles of Metal.
But for me it`s all Metal.
I try to find the “Metal Bridge”.

Now, piracy happens very much, I think more than 30 years ago. How do you look at it?

On the one side piracy is a bad thing.
The value of music today has fallen extremely.
In former times I was sitting on my bed discovering the covers of my loving bands day after day. It was a treasure to own the vinyl albums.
What does this mean today. Nothing….. 
But you also have to see that there is a chance for more musicians to present themselves.
Sometimes there are very good musicians in the scene.
The result is that you can`t live from selling your albums. You have to play live more and more and try to sell some merch.
It`s hard to enter the scene and most of all to stay in the scene!

Now you're going to release Metal Bridge. What did changed comparing to earlier material?

I think that we are better musicians now (ha ha, it`s not too hard to be)
The process of writing the songs was nearly the same.
There was a flow. Some to write only took 10 or 15 minutes. 
The songs are a mix of our old style and the influences of all the things and the music we shared in our personal way the last 30 years. And I think that´s absolutely authentic.
“Metal Bridge” is a piece of “True Warrant metal 2014”. Raw and song oriented metal.
I don`t wanted to create “The Enforcer 2”. No chance. You have to be true to yourself also you can`t fulfill the wishes of the fans waiting for exactly the sound from 1985.
It`s too hard.
I love all kinds of Metal if it`s good metal in the tradition of playing song – orientated.
What are the themes you sing about on Metal Bridge?

“Asylum” is a song about darkness in your mind ending in lonelyness.
“All the kings horses” is a song about fighting for freedom. I was inspired by the events in Lybien.
I was fascinated by the power of facebook and co.
“Immortal” is a song about the freedom in our mind. In fact of this we stay young. No matter how old we are in reality.
“Helium Head” is about a drug boy dealing with stuff and what he has lost.
The most songs are inspired by my personal wish of the mankind being peaceful and of being tolerant.
Being tolerant in a humanity way.      

What are plans for the future for Warrant?

First I`m looking forward to release the new album after 30 years. For me it`s incredible and I hope that there are some people who like the album.
I produced this album open minded and without thinking about the business. For me it`s true metal.
In the way of being 20 years old. Really. In my mind it`s being like it was in 1985.
The next step is that Tommes our drummer will be fit as soon as possible. He is injured in the moment and we are not able to play live.
Hope that we can play many shows in 2015.

Can we expect to see you guys live? If so, where would it happen?

Yes definitely we will play live.
There should be only one reunion show in 1999. From then on we played many many reunion shows (ha ha).
Now we have a new album after all this years. It`s a commitment to play live!!!
Is there anything else you want to share?

A big big thank you for your interest and support.
It´s not certain after 30 years that someone remember us. I´m extremely thankful to be a little part in the scene today.
Hope you enjoy our songs.

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