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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

interview Innsmouth

Innsmouth. What about the name?

The name Innsmouth comes from the novel ”The Shadow over Innsmouth” by my favorite author H.P. Lovecraft. Fans of his writings will probably recognize the name, and for those who haven't read the novel, I can highly recommend it. Check it out while listening to our album ;). As several of our songs are based on a Lovecraftian novel, we choose the name ”Innsmouth” to represent this.
How did you guys form? What is the history of Innsmouth?

I met Kim (vocals) back in 2005. Back then I used to go to one of my friends house to get drunk and listen to music in the weekends. One day an angry looking, long haired guy wearing a Cannibal Corpse t-shirt was sitting in a corner. I spoke to him and he seemed like a kindred spirit, who also had a profound interest in Heavy Metal. That was Kim and after that we stayed in touch. It was at the same friends house that I started hanging out with Martin (Bass). I had met him a couple of years before, but we didn't really get to know each other until around 2005. I remember that he was into Metal but he was also into a lot of other stuff such as Jaco Pastorios, which i thought was cool! In 2006, after attending a concert (Martin was actually in the band playing that night) in Thisted, a small town in Denmark, Kim and I found ourselves wandering the local woods the next day. We talked about forming a Black Metal band but nothing happened until years later.

After several years of playing in various constellations in the danish underground metal scene, we finally decided to form a band, and it ended up being more of a death metal band instead of a black metal band. (This was in 2012). We invited a couple of people including Martin to join the band. Martin has been in the band ever since. We wrote the album in about 4 months and started recording shortly after. We recorded everything in my apartment in Aarhus, and as we didn't have a deadline, we recorded whenever we had the time for it. After recording the album, we traveled back to the area of Denmark from where we derive, to get the album mixed and mastered at Death Island Studio, located on the small island Mors.

Your debut album The Shadow Over Innsmouth, is coming October 10th, 2014. What is it going to be like?

The overall mood of the album is very eerie and unsettling. The music turned out way more brutal and technical than we had planned, it just happened naturally during the writing- and recording process. The songs are quite diverse and easily recognizable. Each of them containing all the elements that represent Innsmouth : Heavy riffs, tasty bass playing, extreme vocals, brutal drumming and lots of shredding solos. To finally get an album out for everyone to hear is an amazing feeling. This cd release is very important to us, and we are extremely grateful that our record company Crime Records believes in us and wants to release our album!

What are the lyrics about?

Most of the lyrics are more or less based on one of H.P. Lovecrafts stories. The songs that aren't still retain a horror vibe, and some of the songs goes into science fiction territory. My favorite lyrics on the album are found in the song ”Dreams of slowly Drowning”. The song is about a guy who meets the girl of his dreams, however she turns out to be a quite unstable, psychotic nymphomaniac who amongst other things, is into homicide and necrophilia. He is so in love with her that he lets her do all sorts of inhuman stuff to him, and she convinces him to do sickening and disturbing stuff as well. This was probably the last song that I wrote for the album lyric wise, and it turned out just great!

What is special about your band that other bands don't have?

With the combination of our lyrics, the brutality of the music and songs that are easily distinguishable, I think we managed to create a completely unique vibe and mood on this record. It's violent sounding and there is a lot of technical stuff going on in each song, not for the faint of heart. Other than that, we've got lots and lots of guitar solos on this record, some would probably say too many, but we wouldn't!
What does the future bring for Innsmouth?
Currently we are writing a new album. It's gonna be in the same vein as ”The Shadow over Innsmouth”, and it's gonna be awesome!
Can we expect to see you live? If so, where?

For the time being, we don't have any gigs planned. We focus on writing our next album and make it as badass as possible. After the release of that album, we will see what happens. Maybe we will end up playing some gigs!

And finally, do you have anything else to say?

I would like to thank everyone who supported us during the making and release of this album, everyone who plans on buying the album and everyone who buys music legally instead of downloading it illegally!

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