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Monday, September 22, 2014

Interview Fornicus

You are Fornicus. Is there a story behind the bandname?

The name comes from a cenobite-like character in the movie Cabin in the Woods. We wanted a name that was simple and would be easy to remember. I believe David, our drummer was the one who suggested it one night at practice and we all felt that'd be a fitting name.

Could you tell something about the history of Fornicus?

I started writing in 2012 by myself with a few skeletons that would become a couple of the songs on the album and Chris, a long time friend of mine was interested in collaborating so we started writing together towards the end of that year. I knew David from recording his previous band Witness the Reckoning's ep at my studio and knew he'd be the guy that would be perfect for the drum position. We officially took the name Fornicus in early 2013 and rehearsed weekly. We felt we'd benefit from having a 2nd guitarist and so Kelly joined up at the beginning of this year. We both play together in another band called Gorgy so it wasn't hard to find him. The album title and title track actually came from a project we were working together called Storming Heaven but since the two projects were so similar in style, we just merged them into one.

You guys just released your debut full-length Storming Heaven. How was it to produce this debut?

It took a lot of work and it was very much a DIY effort. We handled everything except artwork and PR which were done by Gragoth at Luciferium War Graphics and Clawhammer PR. In being DIY we had nothing but time to complete everything and didn't rush anything in the process.

What are the lyrics about on it?

The lyrics center around our hatred for religion. Being from the heart of the bible belt in rural Kentucky we have lived with it begin all around us our whole lives. The blind ignorance we see and hear daily were the fuel for the lyrics and it was very cathartic to write them.

What are the influences of your music?

We all have different influences but bands we drew from include Dissection, early Emperor, Absu, Angelcorpse, etc.

What are the future plans for Fornicus?

We are currently already writing new material and have show planned out regionally. We may be putting together a split/compilation with other regional metal bands as sort of a showcase for what the region has to offer.

Can we expect some tourdates from you? If so, where can we see you?

At this point we aren't able to really tour. We all have jobs that make it very difficult and a couple of us have young ones to take of.

And to finish, do you have something else you want to say?

Thank you the interview, we appreciate all the support we can get! Keep supporting the underground!

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