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Saturday, September 27, 2014

interview Dimenzion:psychosphere


Dimenzion: Psychosphere. How did you get that name?

After a night out and loads of beers, we where playing around with names, and it kind of came to us and made a lot of sense! It's kind of another name for the collective consciousness of mankind.
How did you guys formed? What is the history of the band?

We live in a small town in Norway where everybody that's in to metal knows each other. We all had different bands that slowly fell apart, new bands where made and I guess we where one of them. The Architect had a lot of cool ideas and songs we started to put together, and pretty soon we felt like we where on the right track. From there on we have just played gigs in Norway, with some recordings/self releases in between.

October 17th, 2014, your newest release Collapse will be released. How is it going to be?

Asking us, it is of course the best album ever made;). But I think from a neutral point of view, it's dark and heavy, with some more aggressive parts here and there. We have a special sound I believe, with a wide specter of styles, though metal all the way. The best thing is to check it out and see if it's something for you. Or just buy the album and hope for the best.

What about the lyrics on it?

It's about the things most people want to ignore. Such as how we are being manipulated to believe certain things on how to run our lives, that really benefits very few. You know, all the stuff that is put in your face to buy shit to get a "better life", or how media makes unimportant stuff seem very important, basically so you don't pay any attention to how and why the world is a very unfair place to be.
You want to be anonymous. Why?

It's not really that a big deal. If you want to know who we are, you can easily find out. We just do what we do as a part of the whole act. Five uniformed guys playing music and yelling at you.
What does the future bring for Dimenzion: Psychosphere?

We're not psychic, so we don't know yet..eheh. Hopefully opportunities to play many great shows, to many nice people. Cos that's basically what we wanna do. Travel and play music and party.
Can we expect some tour dates? If so, where can we see you perform?

Touring is something we'll start working on now. And if the album does well, that will make the whole job of getting gigs easier. Bottom line is, we wanna play everywhere if possible so we'll see.
At last, do you have anything else to say?

Yes. Question everything. And never obey!


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