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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Interview Corners of Sanctuary

Is there a story behind the name Corners of Sanctuary?

Corners of Sanctuary are basically places where each of us can go to and be who we really are without the need to put on masks, or struggle to fit in or pretend to be part of the crowd. It's a personal place, a sacred space or a spiritual state of being. It can be anything or anywhere, but it's a place of empowerment. For us it's the music and the connection we make with it during the creative process. Then that connection takes on yet another dimension when the music is passed to the listeners. It's sort of a shared circle of sanctuary.

Could you tell something about the history of Corners of Sanctuary?

Corners of Sanctuary formed in early 2011. We had been working on a reunion project with a band called Seeker. I (Mick) started talking with Sean about working on something new that reflected more of our musical roots. There was a handful of material that I had already been working on that was brought to the table. So we began just combing through everything to see what was going to work for this new project. James came on board about six months later as we were moving towards recording the first EP, Forgotten Hero. So in the beginning it was Sean on drums and vocals, James on bass and I was on guitar and keyboards. But after just a few live shows we knew we needed a full time front person to take the lead vocals spot. In late 2013, after trying out several people, we brought in Frankie Cross.

You're going to release Axe to Grind. What changed comparing to your previous albums?

With our first full length release, Breakout, we were looking to establish the Corners of Sanctuary sound. Again, the material for that record was stuff we already had individually prior to working collectively. By this album, Axe to Grind, our third release, we have really honed the C.O.S. formula. Axe is definitely an overall heavier album. We would often hear that we were heavier live than on the records. So we wanted to capture more of that on Axe. Our previous album, Harlequin, was a concept album, so the story dictated the flow of the songs as well as the was more orchestrated to follow and keep with the storyline. Axe is raw and really takes our Metal roots to a new level, and expands the Corners of Sanctuary sound.

What are the themes you sing about on Axe to Grind?

We are big on battle themes, like On the Hunt and Victoria, as well as overcoming the odds, like with Meet Your Maker. They sometimes even intertwine. But we believe that people will get whatever message they want out of a song. And that's the cool's a positive effect of one's own personal Corners of Sanctuary experience.

You guys just signed with Pure Steel Promotions. Are you happy with that? What do you expect now?

Happy to say the least, we are pretty pumped up to be part of the Pure Steel family! There are so many great bands in the Pure Steel fold and we feel honored to be part of that. Our hopes are that we will establish a strong presence throughout Europe in conjunction with the promotional efforts of Pure Steel for the Axe to Grind album and beyond. Metal has always been tied to the European fan base. It's more than just music there - it is a way of life. Tapping into that kind of energy is so powerful…it really can inspire a band to new and great heights. Simply incredible!

What are plans for the future for Corners of Sanctuary?

We will continue to write and record new material as well as go back out on the road to bring the music live to the fans. We do know we have a video shoot scheduled for later this fall. We also have a couple of benefit shows coming that we do every year around this time - helps raise money and awareness for good causes. Each year we do a couple of Holiday tracks for the season. So keep an eye out for them this December. And there has been some talk about putting a DVD together. Who knows? The future is a blank canvas.

Can we expect to see you guys live? If so, where would it happen?

We sure hope so! At the moment we don't have anything booked to perform in Europe but we are sure that we will soon because of our relationship with Pure Steel. There are several festivals here in the States that we will be playing at in 2015 along with our normal touring schedule. Visit us on our official website at so stay up-to-date on show schedules.

Is there anything else you want to share?

We just want to thank everyone for their support of Corners of Sanctuary and the music. 2014 has been a great year and we are looking to keep it going during 2015. We are already writing material for a follow up to Axe to Grind and are looking forward to get back into the studio.

And thank you, Tim, for talking with us and giving us the opportunity to share! \m/\m/


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