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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fiends At Feast/Tragic Death - Purgatory Rites review

There is a new split released! It is a split by Fiends At Feast and Tragic Death. Fiends At Feast play blackened death metal and hail from California, USA. The line-up is bassist Nathan, drummer Marloc, guitarists Sammer and Azazel, and Loki on vocals. Before this split they already released an EP and an full-length. Tragic Death play melodic black metal and hail from Wisconsin, USA. The line-up is Joe Dunn on bass, Cody Stein on drums and Steven Moser on vocals and guitars. Before this split they already released an demo and an full-length.

The split is called Purgatory Rites and contains 7 songs with an total length of 41 minutes. The first four songs are by Fiends At Feast and last three by Tragic Death. Fiends At Feast start with two tracks that are very heavy, followed by Spectral Passageway, a little relaxing track. And when you think it will be much slower from now on they throw their last song to you, which is also very heavy. Fiends At Feast is a blackened death metal band, but has also something progressive in it, especially in their last song on this split, Into The Darkness. I think Tragic Death is a perfect combination with Fiends At Feast. While Tragic Death's music is much darker, more black metal, they fit perfectly and if you like one of the bands, I am sure you will like the other one too. Tragic Death will blow you away with their black metal, but has also their slower, more melodic parts in their music.

You like blackened death metal? You like melodic black metal? You like both? Go listen to this split release. 

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