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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bloodsoaked - Religious Apocalypse review

Bloodsoaked, hailing from North Carolina, USA. They play brutal death metal. The line-up of Bloodsoaked is only Peter Hasselbrack. Already released 3 full lengths, now Bloodsoaked have released an EP, called Religious Apocalypse. And, yeah, Brutal Death Metal isn't my favorite metal, but brutal it is!

Religious Apocalypse contains 9 songs with an total length of 34 minutes. First three songs are songs from Bloodsoaked self. Those three songs are followed by two songs, which you can call suprising. These are two covers, Shake Me by Cinderella and You're In Love by Ratt, not really brutal death metal. The last four songs of this release are live songs from Bloodsoaked. As said, brutal death metal isn't my favorite metal, but this is some heavy brutal shit. The coversongs are really suprising but also good performed. The whole release has blast-beating drums, very fast guitars and real low growls. This is pure brutal death metal.

So, brutal death metal is your thing? Go listen this release!

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