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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Various Artists - In Metal We Trust volume 1 review

Steve Thomas-Green, from UK label Sixsixsix Music and author/illustrator Chaz Wood, from Fenriswulf Books had a plan. The plan was to release an compilation album with tracks from underground bands. And here it is, it is called In Metal We Trust Volume 1.

In Metal We Trust Volume 1 contains 11 tracks with an total length of 57 minutes. The first track is from Crucifixion BR. Hailing from Brazil, they make anti-religious black/death metal. It is a very harsh track and it is real fast. Black/death as most people see it.

Second track is from progressive black/death metal band Sorrowseed from USA. They also have symphonic and gothic elements in their music. The band is fronted by fetish model Lilith Astaroth. In this track you can hear the black/death influences, but it is also real representative for the symphonic/gothic elements.

Now, for the third track, a much different thing, called Heid from Spain. They play pagan folk metal. It is a very fast track, but you can hear the folk influence too. It is a really good track. Fast, but not a wall of sound, it has a lot of melody in it.

Track number four comes from Heavy Chains. They are a heavy metal/thrash band from Costa Rica. In my opinion, this track is pure thrash metal. It is fast, heavy and it has a real thrash metal feeling in it. I really like it.

Pick Axe Preacher are responsible for track five. They make metal in the vein of Pantera and Slayer they say. In fact I am a huge Pantera fan and I think that the vocals in particular are a lot influenced by Phil Anselmo's vocals. The rest of the music is more influenced by Slayer I think, but that is really a good mix. It sounds great!

Back to the Black Metal. The sixth track is from Dolentia. They come from Portugal. It is pure, raw, harsh black metal. Black metal as black metal should be. This is some real heavy shit.

Chiral, just a few days ago I posted an review of their newest album and an interview with the mastermind behind the band. They make progressive black metal and come from Italy. The track, number 7 on this compilation, also is on their newest album Abisso.

United Arab Emirates, do they make metal there? Yeah, ofcourse. Aramaic is an band from there and they play oriental death/doom metal. And, actually, they do a real good job. It is fast, heavy, doomy and has also the death influences. The production is also good, which I think is not easy to do in that area.

Awake The Sun, coming from Italy, make doom/dark metal. It also has a little poppy sound to me. I personally think this is not the best track of this compilation, but you might have another opinion.

Track 10 comes from Vomitous Mass. They make slamming brutal death metal and they come from Russia. Yeah, it is slamming. Yeah, it is brutal. There are pig squeals everywhere and this will blow you away.

Last but not least, there is a track from Godless. Godless is a raw black metal band hailing from Puerto Rico. They formed in 1989 and they make black metal, in a raw way, but also in their own way, which is a real original way.

So, you want to know some underground bands, go take a listen to this release. 

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