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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spawn of Psychosis - Freakshow Pandemic review

They come from Kent, UK and play a unique mix of cyber, industrial, punk and metal music. Who are they? They are Spawn of Psychosis. Spawn of Psychosis is vocalist SPAWN, guitarist DRAGG and RAZORR and bassist KHAOSS. SPAWN AND RAZOR also takes care of the sampling and drum programming while RAZORR also plays the synth. To date Spawn of Psychosis released two full lengths and an EP. Freakshow Pandemic is their latest full length album.

Freakshow Pandemic contains 10 tracks and has an total length of 40 minutes. The album begins with an intro which is real chaotic, but good listenable, you know immediately that this is not an band as any other band. The intro definitely gets you in the mood for the rest of this release. It slowly fades away, but when the second track starts you won't sit still. That feeling will hold on until the final track. That track is much more slower. The music of Freakshow Pandemic is indeed to describe as a mix of cyber, industrial, punk and metal music, while in the instrumental music I don't hear the punk influences much. Otherwise, the vocals have a very punk feeling in it, so much indeed that in Fuel For The Fire sometimes the vocals sounded as Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols to me. And that is a good thing.

 So you like industrial music? Metal is your thing? Or punk it is? It doesn't matter, go listen Spawn of Psychosis!

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