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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slaughterday - Ravenous review

Hailing from Germany Slaughterday plays Old School Death Metal. The line-up of Slaughterday is guitarist/bassist Jens Finger and drummer/vocalist Bernd Reiners. In 2013 they released their debut album Nightmare Vortex and now they have released their newest EP Ravenous.

Ravenous contains four tracks and has an total length of 19 minutes. First three tracks are tracks from themselves and the fourth track is Ave Satanas, a cover of Acheron. When you begin to listen to this EP you must realize that in the next 19 minutes you are not going to keep calm. You will get blasted away. When you listen to it on a hard volume, you will get into a fight with your neighbors. These are the consequences when you will take a listen to this EP, but there is a good thing. The good thing will make all these arguments sound weak. And the good thing is that this is really fuckin' good old school death metal full of blasting drums and heavy guitars that is a pleasure to listen to if you are into death metal.

Death metal your thing? Go get this EP as soon as possible because you have to listen to this.

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