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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chiral - Abisso review and interview

Chiral is an prog black metal one-man band hailing from Italy. At the end of 2013 the beginning of Chiral was there, but in January 2014 the band really was born. They mix elements of old school Swedish death/black metal with progressive, dreamy and melodic music. Later the black metal influences came. Earlier this year they released one demo and now they have released their first EP Abisso as an digital download, with an cd-release coming.

Abisso contains 4 tracks with a total length of 22 minutes. The first track is real dark, but not too fast, I mean it is fast, but for black metal it is not. That will change in the second track, which is going fast, hard and raw straight from the beginning. But this song also has its slower, progressive, less fast parts. And the transitions between those parts in one and the same song are a masterpiece. From black metal at its purest form to relax guitar music back to black metal. It is beautifully done and it fits completely. The third track, which is also the longest track, is also really good and it contains an real good guitarsolo from Ludovico Cuoghi. The last track is an piece of music played on a piano and is a real good finishing track.

Abisso is a real masterpiece, and if you love black metal, you sure have to listen this, because otherwise you miss real good music. I think Chiral can become really successful.

I also did an interview with Chiral, so here it is:

You are in a band called Chiral, rather said, you are Chiral. How did you choose that name?

Well, I could make up a lot of cool stories about the name of the band, but the truth is that I took the word Chiral from an episode of Breaking Bad, the famous TV series. Simple as that.

How did Chiral formed? What is the history of the band?

I made up Chiral at the end of 2013, but the band actually was born in early 2014 with the release of “Winter Eternal”, my first and only demo.
I decided to made this one-man project when I listened to the demo version of “Sulfur” (the opening track from the demo) and I enjoyed a lot, so I wanted to share my music with other people, so Chiral was born.

Earlier this year, a demo, called Winter Eternal, was released. Did this fact change much for Chiral?

Well, now I’m signed for Black Plague Records and in early 2015 we should release “Abisso” (my new EP) in physical format.
I also changed a lot my studio equipment for achieving a better production for my records. Also my music instruments have changed a bit.
Last but not least my music taste has changed, in the last month I’ve discovered some huge bands that I had never heard before. I’m listening to more atmospheric and ambient metal, bands such as Lustre, Wolves In The Throne Room, Saor, Panopticon, Woman Is The Earth etc. These bands dramatically changed the sound of latest release, and probably they will affect even more my next record.         

How do you see the new EP Abisso compared to Winter Eternal? Did it have much changes?

I think that my sound evolved a bit from “Winter Eternal” to “Abisso”, and also the quality of the production has done the same.
The music, for example, it’s more black metal oriented in “Abisso” and so the vocals are more high pitch scream, while in my demo there’re almost only growl vocals.
Maybe if you’re a fan of the early ‘90 Swedish death/black metal you’ll probably prefer my demo, since at the time I was more inspired by bands like At The Gates, Eucharist, (early) Katatonia, Unanimated and Dissection (actually I’m still inspired a lot by them).

The titles of the tracks of Abisso are Italian, but the lyrics are in English. Why this choice?

This could be a little funny.
At the really beginning of Abisso writing session I wanted to make an album with only Italian lyrics.
Well, I wrote all the songs, and I recorded a demo of “Oblio” in Italian. When I listened a rough mix I was so embarrassed by the Italian vocal. It was awful. Simply Italian verses didn’t fit the music at all.
So I erased every single vocal tracks and I translated everything in English.
But I’d liked to keep something in Italian, so I did it with the titles.

There is a story in Abisso. Could you explain this?

Yeah, of course.
In very few words I’d like to describe “Abisso” as “A raw black metal journey through pain, death and solitude”.
But if you want a full description of the concept that stands behind “Abisso” here it is:
It’s a concept album that tells a story of man facing his cancer, struggling with his thoughts and his desire of giving up and kill himself.
The journey is divided in 2 acts (Atto I and Atto II, in Italian). The first one, with the songs “Disceso Nel Buio” and “Oblio”, talks about the discovery of the disease by the man, and his will to struggle his illness.
In the second act instead, we go through his resignation and his desire of take his life. And at the end the character finally meets his destiny and I’d like you to imagine how the story ends.

Is this story, or the choice of this story influenced by a personal matter? If so, would you tell this?

Actually this story is pure fiction. Luckily no one close to me came across this kind of pain.

Ludovico Cuoghi plays the guitarsolo on Atto II: Abisso. How did you met him?

I met him on a music related forum. Simply we started to talk about music, guitars and gears. I listened to him playing the guitar and I decided to ask him if he wanted to play a guitar solo in my album.
So, I take this opportunity to thank Ludovico once again.

What does the future look like for Chiral?

Who knows? Hahah
No, seriously I’m working on the new album, so you can expect a new record from Chiral in the near future.
I’m also planning to do some cool merchandise, like badges, T-shirt, patches etc.

For the fans of Chiral, can they expect some shows? If so, where?

I don’t think so, for many reasons I decided to not play live gigs. I’m sorry.
But at the moment I do prefer to write and record some new stuff.

And, last but not least, do you have something else to say?

Well, I’d like to give you my contacts, like my facebook page: And both my Bandcamp and YT pages, where you can find all my music:


I’d also to tell people to support underground metal, helping the bands, support them and possibly buy their stuff.

And Finally I’d like to give you Tim a big thank you for helping me to spread the word.

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