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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Aeolus - Celestial Forest review

In 2013, Aeolus started in Wisconsin, USA. The man behind everything is Samyaza. He is Aeolus. Aeolus plays atmospheric black metal. Written, recorded and mixed in 2014, now there is the first EP from them. It is called Celestial Forest.

Celestial Forest has an total length of 32 minutes. It contains seven tracks from which one is a cover of The Wolfpack by Satyricon. The EP mixes some ambient tracks with some raw, pure black metal tracks. The second track, for example, contains very raw screaming which may scare you. Overall the EP has an dark, raw touch, but that is cool. It makes it more creepy, darker and because of that touch you are really getting into the music. The ambient parts are nice too, these are not boring, so you can't fall asleep, but these are a little bit dreamy, but if you dream away, you are awake before you know, because of the black metal that started already.

Black metal is your thing? You also like ambient parts in metal music? Go listen to this EP. 

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