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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vanguard Productions - Indivisible Beneath The Banner Split review

Vanguard Productions just released an split cassette with 5 tracks of 5 bands.

Track number one is White Night from the band End All. It is fast, raw, obscure, occult, pure black metal with screams that are really intens. You really can feel all the anger.

The second track is from Bacchanal with the song Deaths Head. Actually it is an sort of ambient track with a voice that speaks. That's all I can say about it.

Track three is Dawn from Solarthrone. I don't think this track is actual metal, it is atmospheric, ambient, but scary and occult too. It is calm, but I think when you walk in a dark, creepy place you scare the hell of out it with this music.

Next is Thestral with the song Lamenting. Thestral, another fast, raw, pure black metal band, production is better then White Night from End All, but which you like more, is ofcourse your own choice.

Last track is Cause from Intolerant. Real scary, occult, raw black metal. Not as fast as Thestral and End All, but still black metal as black metal used to be. Creepy, especially with the backing sounds with it.

So, you love to discover underground bands in metal, then sure check this release. 

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