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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vald - Demo MMXII review

Black metal, raw, intens. That are the words to describe Vald. There a sure a lot of people who can listen to this, but to me it is too raw, too pure black metal. I can listen to black metal, but by this music my stomach will almost come out of my mouth, to crawl back in afterwards and it will do that ten times. Sorry but I can't listen to it.

Sure, I think there's some potential in this band, production can do a lot of stuff, but it is black metal and black metal used to be raw and pure. So this is raw and pure black metal. So, in fact, it is black metal as black metal used to be.

Their newest demo MMXII contains 4 tracks. 

You like black metal at its rawest, purest form, then sure check out Vald. 

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