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Monday, July 28, 2014

Taatsi - Amidst The Trees review

Atmospheric Black Metal in its purest shape, that is Taatsi. Hailing from Finland, the land of the lakes, full of nature, Taatsi has inspired themselves by that fact. They also sing about Scandinavian folklore and fairy tales. Taatsi is really a inspiring band. Taatsi, formed in 2013, is A and M. A takes care of the guitars, drum programming, keyboards, bass and the dirty raw vocals while M takes care of the guitars, bass as well as the acoustic guitars. Now they have their newest release Amidst The Trees out on Forever Plagued Records. This is their first full length. 

Amidst The Trees contains 7 tracks with a total length of 31 minutes. When you begin to listen to Amidst The Trees, you hear immediately that you have to deal with black metal, atmospheric black metal actually. You also hear that it is good quality, raw, as black supposed to be, but good. Sometimes the atmospheric part of music can be a little bit boring to me, but Taatsi keep it interesting constantly. 

If you like black metal, go listen to Taatsi, you probably love it!

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