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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blinded Memory - From The Ashes review

Hailing from Riga, Latvia, Blinded Memory makes a mix between metal, hardcore and melodic metalcore. The line-up of the band is Eric Novikov on vocals, who also takes care of programming, guitarists Aivars Lietaunieks and Anton Polskikh, bassist Andrey Nikitin and Alexander "Rick" Kudryavcev on drums. The band was found in 2010. Their second EP From The Ashes is out now on Sliptrick Records.

From the Ashes contains an intro and four tracks. The total length of the EP is 16 minutes. The intro begins calm, but every moment an instrument comes together with it, so at the end of the intro, it isn't calm at all. After the intro Hypocrite begins. Blasting beats, heavy guitars and harsh vocals are everywhere, this is music to play with a really high volume to scare your neighbors. It keeps melodic, but wow, this is aggressive. Good metalcore is what it is. A band to watch!

So, you want some melody in your metal, but want it still aggressive? Watch this band, buy their cd, listen to their music. This is the band you want to know! 

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