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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Betraying The Martyrs - Phantom review

Hailing from Paris, Leicester and Saint-Petersburg, but based in Paris, France, Betraying The Martyrs are Aaron Matts on vocals, Victor Guillet also on vocals together with the keyboard, guitarists Baptiste Vigier and Lucas D'angelo, bassist Valentin Hauser and Mark Mironov on drums. Betraying The Martyrs plays hard, blazing, bombastic deathcore, but they also have calmer parts in their music. That's what makes Betraying The Martyrs unique. They already have one release and there is a second release just out now. It is called Phantom. 

Immediately when you begin to play the album they will make something clear: they are not just a band as a million others, they are special. They play deathcore and it will go through your body, through your flesh to the bones and back. This is music you will not only hear, but you need to feel it with your full body. The calmer parts of this release are there to give your body a little bit of rest, so it can be totally crazy a few seconds later, when the music is heavy again. But it is not a wall of sound, it is still melodic, sometimes epic. To hear that this sort of real heavy music can be nice to hear and not change into a wall of sound that nobody wants to listen, is beautiful. You can hear every detail, every instrument and that is a great job by Betraying The Martyrs.

So, go to the store and buy this album, because you don't want to miss this release. It's good, real good. 


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