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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blinded Memory - From The Ashes review

Hailing from Riga, Latvia, Blinded Memory makes a mix between metal, hardcore and melodic metalcore. The line-up of the band is Eric Novikov on vocals, who also takes care of programming, guitarists Aivars Lietaunieks and Anton Polskikh, bassist Andrey Nikitin and Alexander "Rick" Kudryavcev on drums. The band was found in 2010. Their second EP From The Ashes is out now on Sliptrick Records.

From the Ashes contains an intro and four tracks. The total length of the EP is 16 minutes. The intro begins calm, but every moment an instrument comes together with it, so at the end of the intro, it isn't calm at all. After the intro Hypocrite begins. Blasting beats, heavy guitars and harsh vocals are everywhere, this is music to play with a really high volume to scare your neighbors. It keeps melodic, but wow, this is aggressive. Good metalcore is what it is. A band to watch!

So, you want some melody in your metal, but want it still aggressive? Watch this band, buy their cd, listen to their music. This is the band you want to know! 

Vanguard Productions - Indivisible Beneath The Banner Split review

Vanguard Productions just released an split cassette with 5 tracks of 5 bands.

Track number one is White Night from the band End All. It is fast, raw, obscure, occult, pure black metal with screams that are really intens. You really can feel all the anger.

The second track is from Bacchanal with the song Deaths Head. Actually it is an sort of ambient track with a voice that speaks. That's all I can say about it.

Track three is Dawn from Solarthrone. I don't think this track is actual metal, it is atmospheric, ambient, but scary and occult too. It is calm, but I think when you walk in a dark, creepy place you scare the hell of out it with this music.

Next is Thestral with the song Lamenting. Thestral, another fast, raw, pure black metal band, production is better then White Night from End All, but which you like more, is ofcourse your own choice.

Last track is Cause from Intolerant. Real scary, occult, raw black metal. Not as fast as Thestral and End All, but still black metal as black metal used to be. Creepy, especially with the backing sounds with it.

So, you love to discover underground bands in metal, then sure check this release. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vald - Demo MMXII review

Black metal, raw, intens. That are the words to describe Vald. There a sure a lot of people who can listen to this, but to me it is too raw, too pure black metal. I can listen to black metal, but by this music my stomach will almost come out of my mouth, to crawl back in afterwards and it will do that ten times. Sorry but I can't listen to it.

Sure, I think there's some potential in this band, production can do a lot of stuff, but it is black metal and black metal used to be raw and pure. So this is raw and pure black metal. So, in fact, it is black metal as black metal used to be.

Their newest demo MMXII contains 4 tracks. 

You like black metal at its rawest, purest form, then sure check out Vald. 

Soulbound - Blind Progress review

Bielefeld, Germany, that's where Soulbound found its origin. Soulbound are vocalist Johnny, guitarists Felix and Patrick, bassist Jonas and Mario on drums. They play alternative metal, it's a sort of mix between metalcore and melodic death metal  with Swedish influences. They already have an first album and now their second release, an EP, is coming soon. The name of the forthcoming EP is Blind Progress.

Blind Progress starts with an intro followed by the new titletrack. Then two already released tracks follow, the songs are Break Away and Towards The Sun. The fifth and sixth tracks (Curse of Vanity and Broken Pieces) are both livetracks and will be on their next release Myllennium, which will be out in 2015. The music is heavy with raw vocals, but there are also clean vocals. The mix between the two sort of vocals is nicely done. The balance is good. Sometimes the music get a little bit chaotic, but that's good. It is not too chaotic, it is really interesting music. 

So, to be honest, if you're already a fan of Soulbound, you will absolutely love the two livetracks which make you more curious of their new album which comes out in 2015. The rest of the release you know already, except Blind Progress, but if you're a fan, you're a fan who wants every release.

You don't know Soulbound? Go listen to them, you will love it!

Betraying The Martyrs - Phantom review

Hailing from Paris, Leicester and Saint-Petersburg, but based in Paris, France, Betraying The Martyrs are Aaron Matts on vocals, Victor Guillet also on vocals together with the keyboard, guitarists Baptiste Vigier and Lucas D'angelo, bassist Valentin Hauser and Mark Mironov on drums. Betraying The Martyrs plays hard, blazing, bombastic deathcore, but they also have calmer parts in their music. That's what makes Betraying The Martyrs unique. They already have one release and there is a second release just out now. It is called Phantom. 

Immediately when you begin to play the album they will make something clear: they are not just a band as a million others, they are special. They play deathcore and it will go through your body, through your flesh to the bones and back. This is music you will not only hear, but you need to feel it with your full body. The calmer parts of this release are there to give your body a little bit of rest, so it can be totally crazy a few seconds later, when the music is heavy again. But it is not a wall of sound, it is still melodic, sometimes epic. To hear that this sort of real heavy music can be nice to hear and not change into a wall of sound that nobody wants to listen, is beautiful. You can hear every detail, every instrument and that is a great job by Betraying The Martyrs.

So, go to the store and buy this album, because you don't want to miss this release. It's good, real good.